How to Cover up Your Tattoos with Makeup ...

By Holly

How to Cover up Your Tattoos with Makeup ...

You love your tattoos, but your boss certainly doesn't. That's why you should know how to cover up your ink. When you don't feel like wearing layers to hide your designs, you can simply use makeup to cover up the visible spots. After all, you always put makeup on your face, so why wouldn't you put it on your body? Here are a few tutorials that'll show you how to successfully cover up your tattoo with makeup:

1 Tattoo Coverup with Drugstore Makeup

You don't have to buy expensive products in order to cover up your tattoos. You can take a quick trip to the drugstore and buy the cheapest products you can find. Then you should shave your skin, so that the makeup you apply doesn't look too clumpy. After that, you should moisturize your design and start putting on that makeup.

2 Glamoflauge Pencil Coverup

Women everywhere have been raving about Glamoflauge. It's a cheap, heavy duty concealer that is perfect for using to cover up your tattoos. It even comes with a little pencil that you can use on your tattoo if it's super small and delicate. So if you only have enough cash for one product, make sure that you buy this one.

3 Tattoo, Birthmark, and Bruise Coverups

This tutorial shows you more than how to cover up a tattoo. It also shows you how to cover up birthmarks and bruises. All you'll need is a pink lipliner, full coverage foundation, a loose setting powder, and a few makeup brushes. That's right! It's that simple.

4 Colorful Tattoo Coverups

If you have a lot of color in your tattoo, then you need to do a little extra work. The woman in this tutorial suggests using a disposable sponge to go around the area with foundation. Then you should place a cream colored product onto a small concealer brush. Let it set for a while, and then use foundation over it. That should make your tattoo look like it has disappeared.

5 Orange Concealer Coverup

This tutorial stresses the importance of cleaning your skin before applying any makeup onto your body. It also lets you know that you should use the opposite color on the color spectrum to neutralize your tattoo. So if your ink is black and blue, you should use an orange shade to cover up your design.

6 Two Tones of Concealer Coverup

For this tutorial, you'll need a bunch of brushes, a read based lip product, translucent powder, and two different concealers. Just make sure to only get your lip product over your tattoo in thin layers, letting it dry in between the layers. You don't want it to get on the rest of your skin, or there will be a noticeable difference by the time you're finished.

7 Glamoflauge Concealer Coverup

Here's another tutorial that uses Glamoflauge. However, this time, the woman in the video uses the actual liquid concealer instead of the pencil. She even uses her fingers in order to apply the makeup, proving that you don't need a brush to cover up your tattoos. After you're finished with the first step, you should use a powder to set the concealer. That way, it should stay in place for your entire work day.

Unfortunately, there will be times when you'll need to keep your tattoos hidden. That's when these videos will come in handy. Do you have any other tips for covering up your tattoos with makeup?

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