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A Beginner's Guide to Tweezing Your Brows ...

By Eliza

If you're new to tweezing, you might be feeling a little bit overwhelmed. That's totally understandable, since it can be daunting to figure out which brow hairs to pluck and which should stay where they are. I've gone to the experts and put together this step by step guide to help you go from overgrown to perfectly polished with ease.

1 Choose the Perfect Tweezers

Choose the Perfect TweezersChoose very sharp, slanted tweezers because they will do the best job for you.

2 Take a Shower

Take a ShowerAccording to experts, warm water will soften your hairs, making them much easier to pluck.

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3 Use a Numbing Gel

Use a Numbing GelDoes tweezing hurt so much that you dread it? Dab on a bit of numbing gel to keep things from being too painful.

4 Use a Regular Mirror, Not a Magnifying One

Use a Regular Mirror, Not a Magnifying OneA magnifying mirror can make you think you need to pluck more hairs than you do. Use a regular mirror to get perfect brows.

5 Figure out Your Starting Points

Figure out Your Starting PointsUse the bottom of your tweezers and line them up from the side of your nose. This is where your brows should start. Check out line #1 in the image.

6 Mark Your Ending Points

Mark Your Ending PointsNow, leave your tweezers next to your nostril and extend it diagonally to the outer corner of your eye. This is where your brow should end.

7 Determine Where Your Arch Should Be

Determine Where Your Arch Should BeYour arch should be just at the outer edge of your iris, right at your brow bone.

8 Decide on How Thick to Keep Your Brows

Decide on How Thick to Keep Your BrowsTo do this, draw a line along the bottom edge of your brow, letting you see where strays below it are lingering.

9 Shape Your Arch

Shape Your ArchUse your tweezers to remove a row of hair along the bottom of where your arch should be.

10 Continue Row by Row in Your Arch

Continue Row by Row in Your ArchContinue row by row, removing hairs until you reach the lien you drew on your brow in step #4. Your arch is done!

11 Remove the Other Hairs below Your Line

Remove the Other Hairs below Your LineNow that you've shaped your arch, carefully pluck the rest of your hairs that fall outside the line you drew.

12 Use the Three Hairs Rule

Use the Three Hairs RuleExperts suggest plucking three hairs, then stepping back to see the results. If you need to, keep going, three hairs at a time. If not, you're done.

13 Use Hydrocortisone Cream

Use Hydrocortisone CreamPrevent redness and irritation after tweezing by dabbing on some hydrocortisone cream.

14 Style Your Brows

Style Your BrowsUse a comb and style your brows to make sure things look like they should. Tweeze any stray hairs you come across.

15 Fill Them in

Fill Them inPlucked too many hairs? Have a thin spot? Use brow filler to event things out.

16 Wait Three Weeks to Tweeze Again

Wait Three Weeks to Tweeze AgainIt might sound like a long time, but experts say this gives you a chance to see your brows natural growth patterns, which will make it easier to determine the shape of your brows next time you pluck.

Are you ready to have the best brows ever now?

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