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Girl's Guide to Making Your Eyes Look Big and Beautiful ...

By Eliza

There’s just something about giant peepers that everyone thinks is so gorgeous. Sadly, we aren’t all born with big eyes, and I’m certainly one of them. However, there are some magical little things you can do to make people think you have huge eyes. It’s all in how you apply your makeup. By making these little changes to your routine, you can create the big-eyed look you want without much time or effort. Hooray!

1 Stock Your Makeup Bag with Plenty of Mascara

color, face, hair, eyebrow, person, Mascara is one of the easiest things to apply, but it has a huge impact on how your eyes look. A couple of coats on both the top and bottom goes a long way toward giving you the big eyes you want. Experts suggest using a lengthening mascara, then topping it with a thickening mascara. This duo will help give you long, plump lashes and the doe eyes you crave.

2 Line Your Waterline with White

eyebrow, face, eyelash, nose, eyelash extensions, Your waterline is the area just above where your lashes meet your lids on the bottom. Lining this with a thin layer or white liner can really give your eyes a big boost when it comes to size. Yes, black liner gives you that smoky look that is so hot, but it also makes your peepers look smaller than they are. If you want big, you need white liner.

3 Try Colored Liner Instead of Your Basic Shades

eyebrow, eyelash, face, eye, eyelash extensions, Today is the day you need to stop being a slave to your brown and black liner pencils. Experts say that trying colored liner pencils can make your eyes look bigger and shake up your usual makeup routine. If you aren’t ready to jump in both feet first, try a navy pencil, which gives you a bit of color, but nothing too drastic. If you want to go really crazy, try teal, purple or green liner.

4 Get Rid of Dark Circles with the Right Concealer

color, face, blue, nose, eye, Makeup artists will tell you that dark circles under your eyes will make them look much smaller. The solution? Evening out your complexion by covering the area with concealer. Choose one that is just a tiny bit lighter than your skin and apply it thinly so you don’t wind up with a cakey look. Easy, right?

5 Use Brown Eye Shadow in the Crease of Your Eye

eyebrow, face, cheek, nose, eye, This has been something that women have been doing for years because it works. Use a medium shade of brown in the crease of your eye to help them look bigger and brighter instantly. To stay on top of the trends, use a matte color rather than a shiny one. You’ll love how easy this is and how great it makes your eyes look.

6 Curl Your Lashes Every Day

face, eyebrow, black and white, nose, eye, Getting your lashes up and out can really make your peepers look bigger. It’s so easy to do and there’s no excuse for not adding this to your routine today. Heat your eyelash curler with the blow dryer for a couple of seconds to make the effect even better. Always apply mascara after curling your lashes to prevent breakage and smudges.

7 Groom Your Brows on a Regular Basis

eyebrow, face, nose, cheek, forehead, Whether you pay someone to do it for you or you groom your own brows, keeping them in shape frames your eyes, making them look larger. You can tweeze or wax, but make sure you keep up with it because strays and stubble detract from the look you’re going for.

8 Use White Eye Shadow in the Inner Corner of Your Eyes

eyebrow, face, eye, nose, eyelash, This one really works, I promise. Not only will it create the illusion that your eyes are attractively larger in real life, but you can also use this trick for taking selfies and for photos. When starting your eye makeup, simply dab a tiny bit of white eye shadow in the inner corner of each eye and then blend this into your next shade.

9 Use Other Handy Tools to Lengthen Your Lashes

face, eyebrow, pink, purple, nose, If you're opposed to using an eyelash curler out of fear of taking all your lashes out in one go, like me, or even if you simply don't own an eyelash curler, you'll be happy to know there are a few other handy ways you can lengthen your eyelashes without even touching a curler. You can either use a spoolie or cotton bud / Q-tip, hold it at the base of your natural eyelashes for about a minute on each side, forcing them to lengthen and straighten.

10 Use Light Colours for Your Eye Makeup

eyebrow, face, nose, eyelash, eye, And last but not least, this one might not be rocket science or ground-breaking, but it's certainly effective for making your eyes look super big and beautiful! While smokey eyes looks amazing, they can sometimes come across too heavy for the eyes, making it easier for them to get lost in all the many colours you've got going on. Switch it up every now and again with something a bit more simple and subtle by using pale pinks, nudes, silvers, whites and even golds - all of which are light shades that will bring out your eyes!

Which of these things will you be adding to your routine today? What other tips can you share?

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