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Instagram Isn't the Only Place for Pics Tips for Taking Fabulous FB Selfies ...

By Eliza

Sure, Instagram is a fun place to showcase all your best photos, but chances are you need some great selfies to update your Facebook page. If you’re anything like me, you hate every picture you see of yourself. I always have my eyes closed or I’m not even looking at the camera. Turns out there are some really easy tips that will leave you with the best looking selfies that social media has ever seen. Here they are!

1 Look at past Pictures and Figure out Your Best Angle

Have a look through past pictures of yourself and see which ones look the best. Separate them from the rest and see what they all have in common. You’ll probably notice right away that your best shots are from a certain angle. Once you know that little bit of wisdom, you’ll know exactly where to hold the camera for the selfie of a lifetime.

2 Turn off the Flash and Go outside

A selfie taken with an automatic flash is never going to look as good as one that’s taken outside with natural light. This will help eliminate dark shadows under your eye and will soften your entire face for a lovely look that will light up Facebook. If it’s too cold to go outside, stand near a sunny window for the same results.

3 Skip the Duck Lips and Just Smile

I personally don’t understand the duck lips thing. I think a selfie looks far better when you’re smiling and looking candid rather than posed. The idea is to snap a great shot of yourself in a natural state, showcasing your fun loving side. If you wanted a posed shot, you’d go to Sears for a portrait studio. Laugh and smile when you snap a selfie and you’re sure to get one that you love.

4 Don’t Just Take a Selfie Anywhere – Go Somewhere with a Great Background

Yes, selfies are often spur of the moment, but if you’re trying to get a great shot for your profile pic, consider where you’re standing when you snap the photo. That means get out of the bathroom. No one needs to see your dirty clothes all over the floor or your shower overflowing with beauty products. How about outside by your favorite tree or on your couch where the wall behind you won’t distract from your gorgeousness?

5 Download a Filter App and then Use It

Because selfies are often taken pretty close up, sometimes they highlight things you’d rather keep hidden. Downloading a photo filtering app solves this problem easily. One of these allows you to erase blemishes and soften your features so that the pic you post on Facebook is exactly how you want it.

6 Preview Your Photo before You Hit the Post Button

Instead of rushing to post your latest selfie, have a look at it first. This allows you to decide whether you should try again. What if you left your bra hanging on the lamp shade or your dog turned his butt to the camera right behind you? Make sure your selfie is perfect before posting so that the only comments you get are good ones!

7 Take a Bunch of Selfies to Get the Best Results

If you get a great selfie on your first shot – great! But chances are, you’ll want to take a bunch of selfies so you can have your pick of the one that looks the best. After all, everyone is going to see this, so snap away for the best photo possible. After taking a bunch of selfies, you’ll no doubt find one that is worthy of your profile page.

What other tips do you have for taking a great selfie?

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