7 Lip Scrubs for Luscious Lips ...

Perfect your pretty pout with lip scrubs for luscious lips. Banish dry, flaky lips once and for all by exfoliating regularly with a good lip scrub that’ll buff away dead skin cells and leave your lips kissably soft. Treat your lips to a little lip service and say goodbye to painful chapped, cracked skin and hello to luscious lips with these 7 lip scrubs.

1. Sugar Lip Scrub

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Fine grains of sweet sugar make this creamy lip scrub an exfoliator classic. Sugar lip scrubs gently exfoliate and buff away dry flakes to renew skin and improve lip texture for a perfectly polished pout. Exfoliating with a sugar lip scrub helps to nourish and condition lips while preventing them from further chapping and cracking. Because lip scrubs help lip color to hold and last longer, use this sugar lip scrub to slough away dead skin before applying any lipstick or gloss to your lips.

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