8 Little Known Ways to Get Rid of Some Facial Lines ...


8 Little Known Ways to Get Rid of Some Facial Lines ...
8 Little Known Ways to Get Rid of Some Facial Lines ...

There are ways to get rid of facial lines, whether they're around your mouth, your lips and nose, or your forehead. Some women aren't interested in eliminating facial lines, because they do show your character and experiences. However, if there are certain lines and wrinkles you'd like to get rid of, you can. After all, while some lines show the world that you've laughed and cried, experienced joys and sorrows, and generally really lived your life, others are there because of aging or bad habits. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about getting rid of facial lines like those.

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Exercise Your Face

One of the best ways to get rid of facial lines is to actually exercise your face. Yes, it can be done! Just as you can do exercises to get rid of a double chin or to make your neck tighter, there are stretched and techniques which can eliminate the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, if not get rid of them altogether. Something as simple as opening your mouth wide, lifting your face toward the sky, or pinching your eyebrows can get rid of lines in your trouble spots.



Sleep on Your Back

Sleeping on your back is another great way to get rid of facial lines. We all know that sleep is important in the war against wrinkles and aging anyway, but how you sleep is important as well. When you sleep on your back, you don't get those pesky sleep wrinkles caused by sleeping on your side or stomach, which over time can form permanently. Who knew?


Eat the Right Foods

It's also important to eat the right foods. We all know that, but the question is, what are they? According to WebMD, several foods can either prevent facial lines or help you get rid of them. For instance, fish is fantastic, especially salmon, because you get lots of protein and omega-3 fatty acids. Fruits and veggies are vital for their antioxidants, which fight the good fight against free radicals. Soy may be good for you as well; studies suggest that it can help some of the damage caused by the sun.



Use Topical Vitamins

Another one of the most efficient ways to get rid of facial lines is to take your vitamins. In addition to a daily vitamin supplement, however, you can take your vitamins topically to really help your skin. Specifically, vitamins A and C can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. You can get a moisturizer that includes them, or look for creams composed solely of the vitamins you need.


Drink Cocoa

If you're a chocoholic interested in getting rid of facial lines, boy have I got some great news for you! WebMD states that certain studies point to the fact that cocoa contains some important flavonols – catechin and epicatchin – that can improve your skin's circulation and hydration, make it smoother and more supple, and even protect it from the sun. So don't feel bad about drinking a mug for breakfast, or before you go to bed at night!



Treat Your Skin Right

It's crucial to be kind to your skin, and there are several ways you can do that. For one thing, always moisturize – always. Keeping your skin smooth and hydrated is a sure way to both prevent and minimize facial lines. In the same vein, don't wash your face too much; doing so dries out your skin, which leads to even more lines. Finally, avoid squinting. I'm not going to be like those beauty gurus of the 1940s and 1950s who claimed you should never cry or frown, but if you squint a lot, go to the eye doctor!


Stay out of the Sun

The sun is your skin's greatest enemy, so naturally avoiding sun damage is one of the best ways to get rid of facial lines. If you're going to be out, wear sunscreen, and make sure it's a high SPF. Protect your eyes with sunglasses, wear a hat, don't spend too much time outside during the sun's most powerful hours, and don't hop in a tanning bed thinking that will make you safer!


Cut Your Vices

Finally, there are some vices that are way too bad for you. It's better to cut them completely out of your life, but if that proves impossible, you at least need to moderate them. I'm talking about smoking cigarettes and drinking too much alcohol, of course. After sun damage, they represent the biggest causes of lines and wrinkles. Quit now, and some of those lines will start to disappear.

As you can see, a lot of the best ways to get rid of facial lines involve making adjustments in your lifestyle choices or making the right decisions when it comes to exercising and taking care of your face. You have to make smart choices; otherwise, no matter what age you are, you'll end up with telltale lines and wrinkles that simply don't need to be there. Are you interested in getting rid of facial lines, or do you wear yours proudly?

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