8 Marvelous Makeup Tips for African American Skin ...

Are you interested in some makeup tips for African American skin tones? I personally believe that there shouldn’t be any hard and fast rules for makeup, but there are some special considerations we should keep in mind when we get gussied up! Most African American women are lucky enough to have gorgeous skin that doesn’t require much makeup at all. But for those who love makeup or just want some beauty tips for those occasions where you go all out, read below for some of the most helpful makeup tips for African American skin tones from the web!

1. Mix It up

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One of the best makeup tips for African American skin and many other skin tones is to not be afraid to mix foundation colors! Darker skin tones look best with a foundation with yellow undertones, but avoid colors that are too light to avoid a chalky look. But for those who have a difficult time finding their perfect match, feel free to mix shades to create a customized color that’s perfect for you.

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