7 Reasons Why Blush is a Must in Your Makeup Routine ...


7 Reasons Why Blush is a Must in Your Makeup Routine ...
7 Reasons Why Blush is a Must in Your Makeup Routine ...

Most of us apply blush each day as part of our makeup routine without even thinking about it, but have you ever considered the reasons why blush is a must to your routine? Blush is a must to your makeup routine for a variety of reasons! Let’s explore some of the reasons why blush is a must have, truly essential makeup product.

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Healthy Glow

Healthy Glow Want to know the first reason blush is a must? Well, a study conducted in 2009 by researchers in Scotland determined that those who are fit and in shape tend to appear naturally flushed. Since the fittest people flush more easily thanks to an abundance of tiny blood vessels, people with pinker complexions are thought to be in better shape. So show off your healthy glow by blending on some blush…fake it ‘til you make it, as they say!


Sculpted Cheek Bones

Sculpted Cheek Bones Everyone wants the coveted high cheekbones, and applying blush is the ideal way to highlight and draw attention to yours. Even if you don’t have the bone structure of a model, you can fake it by applying a bit of blush and a highlighting powder to sculpt your cheekbones in order to make them a focal point of your face!


Pop of Color

Pop of Color Blush up with a bright color to make your cheeks the star of your makeup look for once! Typically, we tend to focus on heavier eye makeup or a bold lip when we want to brighten up our makeup look. Why not let your cheeks get some attention for once? Try a bright pink or a reddish blush for a pop of color that will not only highlight your cheeks but also brighten up your eyes!


Natural Appearance

Natural Appearance If you take a look in the mirror when you have a makeup-free face, you’ll notice that your cheeks naturally have a rosy appearance. If you want to attain a natural makeup look, you’ll need to put on some blush to add some color back to your face after you create a blank canvas by applying foundation. Without that rosy glow, we tend to look a bit pale. Don’t be afraid of a bit of color…it’s natural!


Flatter Your Face Shape

Flatter Your Face Shape Did you know you can flatter your specific face shape by applying your blush a certain way? Think your face appears too thin? Apply your blush using a circular motion to the center of your cheeks and straight back toward your ears. Is your face round? Thin it out by starting your blush application on the apples of your cheeks then bend it out across your cheekbones and up to your temples. Want higher cheekbones? Choose a contouring cheek color (a matte bronzer) and begin applying it at the outer cheekbone area. Then lightly sweep the product just below your cheekbones.



Radiate Give yourself a radiant complexion by applying a blush that has a bit of shimmer. Glowing cheeks are beautiful against matte skin and really brighten up your entire face. Typically, shimmer is better than glitter for your cheeks since it is subtler, so look for blush with just a slight sparkle!


Youthful Appearance

Youthful Appearance Did you know that having a rosy glow is associated with youth? Everyone is interested in having a youthful appearance, and what’s simpler than applying blush? Apply your blush in a circular motion just to the apples of your cheeks to take your youthful appearance to the next level!

Why is blush a must for your personal makeup routine? Do you wear the same blush everyday or do you like to switch it up?

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I love my TruMatch L'real blush.. is long lasting and pretty in my cheeks.. The Wet and Wild Mega Glo blush is cheap, nice and sun kiss in my cheeks too! :)

I'd rather bronzer

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