7 Natural Beauty Solutions That Have Saved Me Money ...

By Heather

7 Natural Beauty Solutions That Have Saved Me Money ...

In the last year I’ve discovered a good bit of natural beauty solutions that have saved me quite a bit of money. Though I wasn’t on the hunt for these things, my budget and I have been extremely pleased with how much I’ve saved on beauty supplies as a result. Let me just tell you, I used to be a true beauty junkie. I spent way too much money every week, stocking up on makeup, new face wash products, body washes, lotions, face gels, wrinkle prevention creams, supplements, and more. Oh my gosh, I wasted so much money! Yet in the last year, I completely stripped myself of all that, and made things easier. Here’s how I saved money with natural beauty solutions, and surprisingly, saw even better results.

1 Baking Soda Face Scrub

I think everyone knows by now that you can use baking soda for just about anything, and it’s one of my top products and natural beauty solutions of all. I use baking soda for a few different things. First, I make a paste with equal parts water and baking soda, to equal about 2 tablespoons total. I spread this on my face like a mask, let it sit while I’m in the shower, and scrub and rinse when I’m done. You won’t believe how amazing this works to soften, gently exfoliate, and cleanse your skin all in one step. I no longer have acne, dry skin, irritation, or harsh skin as a result. It feels baby soft, all the time!

2 Apple Cider Vinegar Toner

Apple cider vinegar is also wonderful for many different health solutions, along with many beauty solutions. My favorite way to use it is to take a cotton ball and apply apple cider vinegar to it to use as an all natural toner after I shower. It helps cleanse the pores even further, and tightens and tones them. Say goodbye to acne with apple cider vinegar combined with the baking soda trick above.

3 Anti-dandruff Shampoo

Have you heard of the “No-poo” method? It basically involves not using shampoo to wash your hair, and using baking soda instead. I wasn’t convinced until I tried it. Oh my gosh! Seriously, this is a great trick, ladies. It really fluffs up and softens your hair, and cleanses your scalp so much better than shampoo. As a result, you’ll never have dry scalp or irritation anymore either. Shampoos can actually cause dry scalp due to their chemicals, so you have to keep washing your hair to get it clean again. I find even natural shampoos cause this issue. Last week, I tried baking soda in place of shampoo, and used my regular conditioner. It works amazingly well! No oil, no dirt, no flaking, and no dryness when I used conditioner. Some people don’t use conditioner at all, but my hair is very dry, so I still apply it to the bottom half of my hair. The only difference I saw between this and shampoo is I didn’t have to wash it again as quickly, and I had no itchiness whatsoever.

4 Honey as a Mask

Another trick you can try is to use raw honey on your face to treat acne. I don’t necessarily need this that often since my skin stays clear with apple cider vinegar and baking soda, but I do find it makes a great mask. I apply about 3 tablespoons of honey on my face, let it sit for about 30 minutes, and it’s nice and soft, along with clear as a bell. Now, be warned, this is a messy process and it can be sticky, but it does work!

5 Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is another common beauty solution many people use. I find that if I use it as a face cream, it breaks me out, but using it as an anti-wrinkle cream has worked wonders for me. I also use it once a week on my hair as a mask before I wash it to soften it. I use coconut oil daily as a lotion, along with shaving cream as well. Quit buying multiple products for all these solutions, and just buy coconut oil. It even makes a wonderful lubricant if you need it for that, along with great cuticle cream.

6 Spirulina Tablets

Looking to fight acne? Pop spirulina tablets. If you’ve tried everything for your skin, and nothing’s working, you might just need some chlorophyll and Vitamin A in your system. Spirulina tablets are made from 100% spiruilna, and contain one of the highest sources of cleansing chlorophyll on the planet. They also contain over 880% of your daily Vitamin A content, which is essential for clear skin. Vitamin A fights acne from the inside out, along with wrinkles and aging. I love Nutrex brand spirulina tablets, which are tasteless, though they also come in regular and mint flavors. You can even throw these in the blender and blend them with your smoothies without even tasting them at all. As a bonus, they also contain over 150% of your daily Vitamin B12 content, which means you’ll get a boost of energy, and better hair and nails too!

7 Black Soap

Do you buy expensive body washes and gels, or pricey face washes? Please save your money and stop right now! You only need one magical product that is cheap, 100% natural, and will clean your body and your face, while leaving both extremely clean and soft. Black soap is my new favorite find in the beauty department this last year. It’s made from detoxifying ingredients that are 100% natural, cleansing, and softening. I like Nubian Heritage, which is a handmade soap, and one that you can find in stores or online. I use this as a face soap and a body soap, and it lathers up beautifully without drying you out one little bit.

I know we all have our favorite beauty tips and tricks to share, so please, spill yours here! Do you have a favorite natural beauty solution that works wonders for you?

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I'm from UK .. What's Black soap ?? X


for acne mask or to keep pores clean, dissolve 1-2 tablets uncoated aspirin in warm water and honey. keep on face for only 5-10 min since the aspirin is made up on salicylic acid (which many OTC acne treatments use) but which can cause irritation if left on for too long. you will notice an immediate change and skin will look more polished and feel tighter!


What do you use as face moisturizer/lotion?


I too would like to know


Write a comment ..


I have never had that problem with my shampoo so I think i will carry on using it.










Love this article!


Thank you sooo much


Black soap is the best product! Does anyone know if you can buy it as a liquid in a bottle instead of as a bar?


If you put baking soda as shampoo, is there any way you can make your hair still smell good??


For the "no-poo" method how much do you actually have to apply to your hair if it's thick & long???


I love African black soap body wash by Shea Moisture. So amazing and smells fantastic too!


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