6 Natural Ways to Whiten Teeth ...


6 Natural Ways to Whiten Teeth ...
6 Natural Ways to Whiten Teeth ...

Of all the low risk and low impact cosmetic procedures that are available to people today, teeth whitening is probably the most popular. It’s a relatively simple and easy way to instantly improve your looks; a shining bright smile is something that all of us would love to have in an ideal world. There are plenty of chemical-based ways to whiten your teeth, but for those of you who don’t necessarily want to introduce those kinds of formulas into your mouth, there are some alternative options too. Here are six natural ways to whiten your teeth!

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Diet Changes

The first thing you should do is eliminate food groups and products that are responsible for decreasing the whiteness of your teeth. This means any beverages that contain tannins like wine and tea, as well as coffee and dark sodas. As far as food goes, anything that is heavily citrusy can encourage discolouration.


Oil Pulling

This is the process of washing your mouth out with a type of oil to remove dirt, debris and bacteria in a more effective way than just brushing. You want to rinse the oil in your mouth for about minute after you have brushed, and then spit. You can use coconut oil, sesame oil, or sunflower oil.


Baking Soda

Brushing with baking soda is a pretty old-fashioned idea at this point, but it definitely works! The baking soda will gently polish away stains on the surface of your teeth, and it also helps to fight bacteria which in turn prevents plaque growth and tooth decay.


Hydrogen Peroxide

This is a form of mild bleach that can be really effective for whitening stained teeth. For best results, you should brush with a mixture of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide for about two minutes, twice a day for a week. The important thing though, it that you can’t do this permanently, perhaps only one week in every six or seven.



Some fruits actually have whitening properties thanks to the enzymes that they contain. Papayas and pineapples in particular have been known to produce good results.


Good Oral Hygiene

Regardless of which tips and tricks you try, the bottom line is that you need to maintain good, regular oral hygiene to have any chance of avoiding badly stained teeth. Brushing twice every day prevents gum decay, protects precious enamel, and helps to keep your teeth a nice white colour. Keep that routine up and you will never have to contend with true discolouration!

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