7 Natural Beauty Products You'll Love ...

I love finding new natural beauty products to try. Natural beauty products are key to avoiding toxic chemicals that steal your beauty, hurt the planet, and even hurt animals, believe it or not. Natural products don’t have to be expensive either. Here are my favorite natural beauty products that are new on the market this year. I’ve used all of these amazing products and highly recommend them, so be sure to pick up a few next time you're in search of a great, natural beauty product. You can find many at your local drugstore, and the others are available online.

1. Physician’s Formula BB Powder and Cream

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Physician’s Formula makes a large variety of effective, affordable, natural beauty products. Now the line has one of the most popular cosmetic products on the market: BB powder and cream. BB stands for beauty balm, and is hot right now in terms of beauty products. BB cream is great for coverage, balancing skin colors and uneven levels, covering blemishes, hiding wrinkles and for providing long lasting coverage. Physician’s Formula’s SPF BB cream foundation and powder are my two favorite products in this line. I love the concealer as well.

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