7 Versatile Beauty Products for Your Daily Beauty Routine ...


7 Versatile Beauty Products for Your Daily Beauty Routine ...
7 Versatile Beauty Products for Your Daily Beauty Routine ...

Versatile beauty products are a huge hit! They’re often high-priced, advertised as something absolutely awesome and never seen before and leave no room for debate – you simply have to have them! The real truth is that you already have at least one multipurpose beauty product waiting patiently in your makeup bag and the only reason you’re not getting the most of it is the fact that it doesn’t have a 2 in 1 label! Relax, I won’t advise you against buying new products, although you should definitely check out this list of super versatile beauty products to learn how to maximize your use of products you already have.

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3 in 1 Mascara

No, I’m not talking about a new, fancy, pricey one! Your good ol’ mascara simply happens to be one of those versatile beauty products that could really save your behind and free a significant amount of space in your travel makeup bag! All you’ll have to do is pack your favorite mascara and a slanted liner brush and you’ll have your eyes and eyebrows covered. Use it with an accompanying wand to give your eyelashes some color and boost, dip your liner brush into that layer of excess product that often forms right above the mascara brush or on its tip (or glob some on your hand) and use it to line your eyes, then wet the liner brush with the product still on it, press onto a paper napkin to get rid of the excess moisture before using it to define your brows. Fun, isn’t it? It’s probably not something you can see yourself doing on daily basis but could definitely come handy for travels and sleepovers!


Lipstick Doubles as a Blush or a Bronzer

Ask your grandma – she’ll confirm it’s true! In fact, I think I still remember mine dotting her cheeks with a lipstick, then blending it for a nice, rosy finish! Tan lipsticks could be used as bronzers or, if they’re really dark, for contouring, while frosty or glittery shades work great as illuminators and will give you a nice fresh glow when applied to the apples of the cheeks! But that’s not all! Apart from being a multipurpose beauty product you can use in all ways described above, a lipstick turned blush/bronzer/highlighter makes it easier for you to experiment without having to spend more money on products. You can test the look you’ve seen in a magazine, see how that particular shade works for you (providing that you have the lipstick in the desired shade) and purchase a specialized product only when you make sure you really want it.


Vaseline- an Ace in Your Sleeve

Seriously, Vaseline can be mixed with anything and double as anything! Use it as a lip balm, an overnight skin replenishing treatment (great for holidays, camping/hiking trips as well as all other times when you don’t want your precious skincare products melting and jumbling inside luggage and backpacks), a makeup remover or mix it up with glitter, pigments, loose eye shadows and bronzers or bits of lipstick to create lip and eye glosses or come up with a budget-friendly product to apply on your arms and legs in summer. Awesome, isn’t it?


Get the Most out of Your Hair Conditioner

We couldn’t imagine our lives without a hair conditioner, could we? But its primary purpose is not the only one you can enjoy! You can use it as a detangler and even as a shave cream! And while this first doesn’t come off as a surprise, the second one will definitely leave you wide-eyed! Yes, a shave cream! It will help soften up even the shortest, thickest of hairs and provide a smooth surface for a razor to glide on, reducing the risk of injuries and minimizing discomfort. Give it a shot and you’ll understand why this list of multipurpose beauty products just wouldn’t feel complete without this common yet very versatile thing!


Lip Balm is an SOS Must Have

Another versatile beauty product you should have with you at all times! Apart from its original purpose of soothing, moisturizing and preventing chapped lips, this magnificent product work wonders for dry hands as well as that unsightly side effect of a cold also known as chapped nose! I’m using a FLP Aloe Vera extract lip balm which also works as an on the go solution for all types of burns and cuts and can even be massaged into bleeding cuticles to help them heal super-fast!


Brown Lip Liner Saves the Day

MailOnline beauty editors have spoken! And they think we should understand how great and versatile a soft brown lip liner can be if used correctly! It helps you define your lip line, of course, but can also double as a brow pencil, a natural-looking eyeliner or an eye shadow (if smudged). You can also melt it a bit and use as a bronzer or to contour your face, although you should try this only if you can afford to lose a few minutes in order to blend it well.


Random Products That Double as Something else

But there are tons of other multipurpose beauty products that could help you de-clutter your bag! Right shades of eye shadows can double as bronzers, blushes or illuminators and even be used for contouring. Same thing applies and vice versa which, of course, means that your bronzer or illuminator can prove to be a fantastic eye shadow replacement. Lipstick can be used instead of a cream blush (we’re already established that) but a cream blush can double as lipstick too and looks especially great when paired with a clear gloss or a chap stick! Lash comb won’t only separate your lashes, making them look longer and more voluminous but can also curl them a bit if used wisely! Run it through your lashes without waiting for mascara to dry, stop at the middle and gently roll the comb to get that seductive curve. Hold them in that position a few moments while the mascara dries and voila!

Who knew there are so many multipurpose beauty products out there! Amazing, isn’t it? You could get stranded on a desert island with nothing but your basic kit and still be able to pull off your best red carpet-worthy look should Friday and his posse decide to throw you a party! Do you have any other suggestions?

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Def. gonna try the conditioner and shaving cream sounds like a great idea

I hope you don't use that lip balm on your face after touching all those other nasty places with it!! Ahh!! Yuck! Blood

The conditioner as shaving cream works wonderfully and if you take a q tip and dip it into conditioner it will take off mascara without ripping out your lashes!! It's amazing

Be careful...some makeup products like lipstick aren't FDA approved in the U.S. for other places on the face except for lips...this is also true for other makeup products, so be aware.

Which is better for teenagers?trans powder or bb cream?

I'm going to try the mascara as liner today! I hope it works well

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