8 Nourishing Oils for Your Skin and Hair ...

Go au naturel with healthy nourishing oils for your skin and hair. Straight from the bottle or jar, these natural oils work to revitalize and restore your skin and hair back to full health with their essential nutrients needed for beautiful, glowing skin and healthier, stronger hair. Test out these 8 nourishing oils for your skin and hair for a total beauty transformation from head to toe.

1. Macadamia Oil

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Macadamia oil is one of the best universal oils for your skin and hair or scalp. Because macadamia oil is very similar to the natural oils your body produces, it is very easily absorbed into skin and hair follicles, which means no left over greasy or slick look and feeling after use. When used in hair, macadamia oil works to hydrate dry, damaged hair by helping restore hair’s natural oils, leaving behind silky smooth and soft tresses. By using macadamia oil frequently in your hair you can help protect your locks from excessive heat, wind, sun and color damage as this nutty oil acts as a UV barrier to save your mane.

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