10 Genius Tips for Women to Prevent Saggy Breasts ...

By Alicia

10 Genius Tips for Women to Prevent Saggy Breasts ...

No one wants to end up with saggy breasts! We all want them to remain full and perky and there are some things you can do to help that become a reality. While you can’t completely control this, you can do more than you think. Let’s talk about that.

1 Keep Your Weight Steady

hair,face,clothing,person,black hair, For many women, your weight goes up and down. I know that mine tends to do that, too. But keeping it stable is a good idea. It’s much better to lose weight slowly and keep it off than to drop a dramatic amount only to regain it. If weight is not a struggle for you then count that as one of your blessings!

2 Protect the Girls when You’re Running

brassiere,clothing,undergarment,lingerie,black hair, Your breasts take a beating when you’re running or doing any other type of vigorous exercise. Exercise is very important and something that should definitely be a part of everyone’s life. Just be sure to wear a good quality sports bra when you’re working out. This stabilizes your breasts against the jerking and jarring they’d otherwise endure. It’s a lot more comfortable for you, too.

3 Drink Your OJ

hair,brassiere,face,black hair,clothing, Surprised to hear this as a tip to help prevent saggy breasts? It’s true, though. Drinking orange juice and eating other vitamin C rich foods will help prevent sagginess everywhere because vitamin C improves skin elasticity. You can also take a daily supplement of this vitamin to help make sure you’re getting your daily amount. Be sure and check with your physician first, though.

4 Don’t Skip Sunscreen

hair,human action,black hair,person,eyebrow, So unless you sunbathe topless, your breasts aren’t getting full sun exposure. But with the normal cuts of bathing suits, a portion of your breasts do get some sun. Be sure to liberally apply sunscreen on the portion showing. You’ll not only prevent sagging skin but also unattractive crepey skin. Taking this preventative step means you’ll look gorgeous in various necklines for decades to come.

5 Make Healthy Food Choices

hair,clothing,undergarment,black hair,brassiere, There’s truth to the age old saying, “you are what you eat.” The best interpretation of that is if you eat healthy foods then you’ll look healthy. A diet of fattening and sugary foods will show, too. Make good food choices to help your body retain its tonality. Having a treat now and then is perfectly okay as long as it doesn’t wreck your diet.

6 Don’t Settle when It Comes to Your Bra

black,person,woman,beauty,male, A bra that offers you a good fit and good support is worth the cost. This doesn’t mean it always has to cost a fortune. It’s about the quality, not the price. Everyone will have their favorite brands and that’s great as long as your brand works for you. Go for a bra fitting once a year to make sure you’re wearing the right size, too.

7 Love Your Body

hair,black hair,clothing,person,beauty, I can’t close without saying this. Love your body! If you’re a little saggy despite your best efforts, then let it go! Maybe you’re a bit saggy but you’ve got beautiful babies that are so worth that small price. Sagginess may be a leftover reminder of winning a hard-fought battle with weight. Whatever the reason, don’t let it get you down.

8 Stay Hydrated

hair, clothing, gravure idol, black hair, blond, Your breasts have some of the most sensitive skin on the body, and when you're dehydrated your skin becomes dull and shriveled, which after time can take its toll on breast skin. Dehydrated breasts look flaky, wrinkled, and could eventually lose their collagen and fullness causing them to sag.

9 Rub Them with Aloe

clothing, active undergarment, black hair, brassiere, undergarment, Aloe Vera has amazing natural skin-tightening properties in it, so to help your bosom stay perky, massage aloe into the breasts in a circular motion for 10 minutes. Allow to sit for another 10 minutes then rinse with cold water. Do this 4-5 times a week for optimal results.

10 Quit SMoking

clothing, black hair, swimwear, girl, muscle, It's no secret that smoking ages the skin on your face, but did you know it ages your breasts as well? Smoking is horrible for any skin as the toxins in cigarettes cause premature aging, wrinkles, and sagging of the skin. All things that can wreak havoc on the breast tissue causing your once perky bust to droop.

These are 10 things you can do to prevent saggy breasts from happening to you. Do you have tips you’d like to add? I’d love to hear from you.

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Good article

Alicia - still no moderators re comments ? You know the one I refer to below mine !

Do push up bras increase your chance of sagging?

Just get a breast lift if they are super saggy.

I can't love my body my breasts r too big they make me look fatter.

I hate to tell you, but no matter what you do or if your breasts are small or large, when you get old they're gonna droop.....😳

I Can imagine E-vitamin could be good as well, due too that it aids bloodcirculation, and builds up muscles and tissue-which will be a part in keeping the skin young.

True story girls back home in Morocco when I turned 12 I had a friend advising me about putting a cup on my breast claiming that make them upright for life only to find out that what I did will keep them small for life so I decided at age 12 not to put no

I prefer swimming than jogging.. Less gravity issue.

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