30 beyond Gorge Tats for Girls Who like to Bare Their Shoulders ...


30 beyond Gorge Tats for Girls Who like to Bare Their Shoulders ...
30 beyond Gorge Tats for Girls Who like to Bare Their Shoulders ...

What could be sexier that a shoulder tattoo? Your shoulder is a great place for some ink because you can show it off or keep it covered. The area is a good place for many designs and images and you will love each one more than the one before it. Whether you're getting your first tattoo or you already have several, your shoulder is a clear choice for a new one. Check these out - I think you'll agree!

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You Are My Sunshine


Black and White Font with Flowers


This tattoo is a gorgeous example of a black and white font with flowers. It is a unique design that is sure to turn heads. The tattoo is located on the arm, and features a hand holding an organ. The colors used in the tattoo are black, white, and gray, making for a striking design. The flowers in the tattoo add a feminine touch to the design.

This tattoo is great for those who want to make a statement with their body art. The tattoo is perfect for those who like to show off their shoulders, as it can easily be seen when wearing sleeveless tops. The design is also bold and eye-catching, making it a great conversation starter.

This tattoo is perfect for those who want to express themselves through body art. It is a great way to make a statement and show off your personality. The tattoo is also a great way to honor someone special in your life, or to commemorate a special event.

Frequently asked questions

Oh, there are so many cool options! You can go for delicate floral designs, intricate mandalas, or even minimalist geometric patterns. It really depends on your personal style!

Honestly, it can vary. Some people find shoulder tattoos a bit uncomfortable, while others breeze right through it. It's usually less painful than other spots like ribs or feet, though!

Focus on timeless designs and quality work. Think elegant, detailed, and something that resonates with you. And always, always choose a skilled tattoo artist!

Absolutely! In fact, show them off! A well-placed tattoo can add a gorgeous, unique touch to your style. Embrace it and flaunt those beautiful designs!

Keep it moisturized with a good aftercare lotion, avoid sun exposure, and follow your tattoo artist’s aftercare instructions. Taking care of it can make all the difference in how it heals and looks long-term.


Lovely Red Rose


How about a Flower Garden?


Bright and Colorful


What do You Think of This Design?


This tattoo pattern design is a beautiful henna pattern that wraps around the arm. It is a unique design that features a variety of shapes, including hearts, stars, and circles. The colors used are predominantly shades of brown and red, which give the design a warm, inviting feel. This design is perfect for those who like to show off their shoulders and arms, as it is a great way to make a statement.

The design is also versatile, as it can be worn in a variety of ways. It can be worn as a full arm tattoo, or it can be split into two and worn as a half-sleeve tattoo. It can also be adjusted to fit any size arm, as it is not limited to a certain size. The design can also be customized to fit the wearer's individual style and preference.

This design is perfect for those who want to make a bold statement with their body art. It is also a great choice for those who want to express their individuality and creativity. The design is also perfect for those who want a tattoo that is unique and eye-catching. It is sure to turn heads and make a statement.


Stay Strong


A Couple of Butterflies


Cute and Impressive Elephant


Beautiful Flowers


Elephant with Flowers


Believe in Yourself


Lace Tattoo for Your Shoulder


A lace tattoo is an increasingly popular body art choice for women who want to add a feminine touch to their look. This type of tattoo usually features intricate designs that resemble lace fabric, such as flowers, swirls, and other delicate patterns. It is often inked on the shoulder, where it can be easily seen and admired.

The lace tattoo is a great way to express yourself and your style. It can be as subtle or as bold as you like, depending on the size and colors you choose. You can also use it to create a unique look, as it can be combined with other tattoos to create a larger piece.

When it comes to the placement of the tattoo, the shoulder is the most popular option. This is because it is a visible area, and the lace design looks beautiful when it wraps around the shoulder. It also allows you to show off the tattoo without having to wear revealing clothing.

The lace tattoo is a great choice for any woman who wants to add a touch of femininity to her look. It is a beautiful and unique design that is sure to turn heads. If you are looking for an elegant and timeless tattoo, this is the perfect choice for you.


Tiny Flock of Birds


Watercolor Flowers


Watercolor tattoos are a popular choice for those looking to express themselves through body art. These tattoos feature soft, flowing designs that often look like they’ve been painted onto the skin. They’re beautiful and unique, and they’re perfect for girls who like to bare their shoulders.

Watercolor tattoos are typically created with a combination of bright colors and delicate lines, giving them a unique look that stands out from other types of tattoos. They’re often inspired by nature, with flowers, birds, and other natural elements making up the design. Some watercolor tattoos may also feature abstract shapes and patterns, giving them a modern, artistic look.

Watercolor tattoos are a great choice for those looking for a bold and beautiful tattoo that is also relatively subtle. Unlike traditional tattoos, which often feature sharp lines and dark colors, watercolor tattoos blend into the skin, making them less visible. This makes them a great option for those who want to show off their body art without it being too obvious.


Birds and Anchor


Lily Tattoo in Pink


The Lily Tattoo in Pink is a beautiful and popular choice among women for shoulder tattoos. This particular design features a pink lily flower, symbolizing femininity, grace, and purity. The placement of the tattoo on the shoulder allows for it to be easily shown off, making it a great choice for those who like to bare their shoulders. Along with its aesthetic appeal, the lily also holds significant meaning in various cultures, such as representing rebirth and renewal in Christianity, and motherhood and fertility in Greek mythology. Additionally, the color pink adds a touch of softness and elegance to the tattoo, making it a perfect choice for those who want a feminine and meaningful design.


Sometimes You've Gotta Fall before You Fly


This text is a great reminder that sometimes we have to take risks and fall before we can truly soar. It can be a difficult journey, but it is worth it in the end. The tattoo featured in the article is a beautiful reminder of this lesson. It is a font-style tattoo located on the arm or chest, and is a great way for women to express themselves and show off their shoulders. The tattoo is also a great way to show that you believe in yourself and your own strength. It is a reminder that you can do anything you set your mind to, and that you have the power to make your dreams come true.


Outer Space


Tiny Bird to Set You Free


Shoulder White Rose


How about a Simple Cross?


A Fancy Feather


Enjoy the Little Things


Embrace the subtle beauty of a delicate floral tattoo resting gracefully on your shoulder, a reminder to cherish each fleeting moment and find joy in simplicity. Small blossoms or a single, intricate flower etched onto the skin can be a personal symbol of growth, renewal, and the understated elegance that resides within the tiny wonders of nature. Whether peeking out from the strap of a summer dress or accentuating the line of a shoulder, these petite masterpieces offer a timeless aesthetic that complements every look with a whisper of whimsy and femininity.


Pink and Black


Really Pretty Blues and Purples


Colorful Flowers


Inhale the Future, Exhale the past


A Little Bit of Van Gogh


For anyone seeking to embody the essence of classic art with a modern twist, a Vincent van Gogh inspired tattoo could be a tantalizing option. His swirling skies, vivid colors, and emotional brushwork transform skin into a living canvas, showing the world not only an appreciation for fine art but also a stroke of individuality. Imagine the starry night or sunflowers blossoming across your shoulder, blending seamlessly with your body's natural curves—a permanent accessory that requires no explanation, just silent admiration from those who recognize the masterpiece it represents.


Love Me for Who I Am

Are you thinking you want a shoulder tattoo now? Me too! Which one do you love best?

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You should do best dragon tattoos please!

1,2,20 are beautiful

Some are cute :)

So pretty love it 🌹

1 and 21!


The biggest ones are really big for a woman arm , but the small tattoos are so cute and beautiful :D

I love them to death, but I would want a tiny dainty tattoo. But I must admit the starry night is brilliant! 🌌🌟

My fav is 14

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