9 Quick Ways to Look Naturally Sensational ...

I’ve got 9 ways to look naturally pretty, and they are all quite simple to add to your already demanding schedules. Making and keeping a beauty routine isn’t always a cake walk, but what is that gives beautiful results. Working for something is always better received when you have put your heart and soul into it. Here are my 9 ways for you to look naturally beautiful...

1. Eye Brow Shaping

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Keeping up with your unwanted hair can be demanding, however this routine gives instant gratitude unlike others. Threading, Waxing and Shaping your eye brows can make a world of difference to your face. Opening your eyes up and lengthening your face, all with a simple arch appropriate for your shape. Make sure you have your brows looked after at least twice a month.

2. Deep Condition Regularly

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Whether you have hopped on the “no shampoo” bandwagon or not, a deep condition is something you should do weekly. I personally like to keep it for my Sunday routine. The week's crazy styles and products will have done enough damage that by the weekend it’s all about going natural and letting it all out. Make sure you deep condition your lovely locks at least once a week. This is one sure way to look naturally pretty.

3. Skin Care Routine

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Probably one of the most important beauty routine step of all, a skin care routine is a must. Find products that are suited for your skin type and “stick with it.” This is the key; washing your face every other day, missing a day here and there, going to bed with make-up, this is what will get you a first class ticket to pimple-ville. Each and every night set aside 10 minutes to bathe your face and let it breathe easy while you sleep.

4. Exfoliate

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If you ever step foot in the shower, you have no excuse for not exfoliating. This simple way to look naturally pretty will give you instant results. Don’t believe me? Just ask those who brush up against you on the bus. Get yourself an exfoliating glove {I got mine at the dollar store}, and make sure every time you step in the shower you give yourself a quick scrub down with your favorite soap. Taking off all the dead skin will never feel so good.

5. Relaxation

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If you don’t think you have the time for this addition to your routine, think again! One must give themselves a little down time each and every day. Even 15 minutes to yourself is enough, something that feeds your body fresh energy and throws aside the days stresses.

6. Self Tanning Cream

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The most unnatural of ways to look naturally pretty today, however it’s a lot safer and healthier than Tanning Booths. If you desire a little color to your skin and the city you live in or the time of year isn’t giving you the natural rays, then please avoid tanning booths and try a self tanning cream. A quicker result and a longer life; so really it’s a win win for everyone involved.

7. H20

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Do I sound like you mother yet? Water, Water and more Water, you can never have too much. Water has said to help with weight loss, improve skins texture, flushes toxins and give your body more energy. Now if those 4 points are enough for you to drop the soda and pick-up a bottle of H20, then I don’t think I can convince you any other way. Oh wait, I have another point to make – give your body what it wants. Did you know that 57% of your body weight is water?!?! Be nice to your body, give it what it craves — drink water.

Link: en.wikipedia.org

8. Exercise

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We all know dragging our butts to the gym is never easy, but when we actually go, we feel so damn good. Really think about that; if you feel fantastic on the outside, could you imagine the difference your making on the inside. Do yourself and your body a favor, hit the gym. Is your personal excuse that you’re not a gym buff, then park at the far end of the shopping mall and walk a little before you spend your money. Give the Elevator the cold shoulder and take the stairs. You officially have no excuse. You’re welcome!

9. Say No to Cigarettes

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A no brainer, yet people still suck on the chemicals like lollipops. If you’re strong enough to do it for yourself, then do it for all the money you will save in Teeth Cleaning, Teeth Whitening, Breath Fresheners, and Wrinkle Reducers. No kidding smoking will do that to you. If you still can’t give it up – then say hello to Botox, a sexy hacker's cough and dentures. Oh so unnaturally beautiful!

Looking naturally pretty isn’t as easy as it may sound. Setting and keeping a routine will get you on the right path to waking up beautiful. Hopefully these 9 tips on ways to look naturally pretty will strike a key with you and start you in the right direction of natural beauty. What are you favorite natural beauty tips?

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