Ready for Your First Tattoo? do These 7 Things before Getting Inked ...

Alicia Fannin

Ready for Your First Tattoo? do These 7 Things before Getting Inked ...

Tattoos can be artistic, unique, attractive and sexy. But they’re also permanent. Because of this fact, it’s important to do these 7 things before getting inked. Taking the time to go through these steps will help you to make sure you never have a second of tattoo regret.

1 Put Your Idea Away for 6 Months

When you’ve found a tattoo that you love, do yourself this favor. Put it away for 6 months, maybe a year. Your tastes in tattoos could change significantly so it’s best to give yourself at least that amount of time to think it over before you take the step into permanence. In the meantime, keep looking to see if you find a tattoo that you like better than the one you’ve got in mind. If you’re still sure that you want the tattoo you tucked away at the end of 6 months, go for it.

2 Consider How Time Will Affect Your Choice

Something that many people neglect to consider when getting inked is how time may affect your choice. You want to choose a tattoo that will always be in style. Unless you’re sure it’s what you want, it’s probably best to steer clear of cartoon characters which come and go with the decades. Go for a tattoo that has a timeless look. You want something that’s as fashionable in the years to come as it is now.

3 Look at the Tattoo on Others

Before you commit to a tattoo, try to look at it on others. You may love the look of it on paper, but do you love it on skin? You can find resources online to help you see what specific tattoos look like on an actual person. Images can have a completely different appearance on skin than on paper. Making the effort to check into this can save you from making a choice you regret.

4 Factor in Skin Changes

This is a big one. Factor in skin changes before you go get a tattoo. This is especially important if you haven’t had children yet. Your body is going to change in many ways as it goes through a pregnancy. Also important to consider is if you’re placing the tattoo where it will receive a lot of sun exposure that could alter the appearance.

5 Examine the Significance of Your Choice

Most people want their tattoo to have significance. They want it to mean something or be a sign of something they’ve experienced. Check into your tattoo to make sure it doesn’t have any hidden meanings you aren’t aware of. Make sure you truly feel confident in your choice. A tattoo is not something you want to choose just to go along with the crowd.

6 Consider How It May Affect Your Professional Life

This is also very important. While it’s true that many professions are becoming more open-minded about tattoos, it’s a slow process. It’s possible that the profession you’re in or going into could be unaccepting of your tattoo. It may be wise to consider placing your tattoo in a more private area of your body if this is a concern. Otherwise, you may be asked to keep your tattoo covered while at work.

7 Try It on

Lastly, don’t be afraid to try the tattoo on and wear it only as an image for a day before committing. Yes, this can mean two trips to the tattoo parlor. But a tattoo artist wants you to be happy with your choice. This’s a small thing to ask. It helps you to be absolutely sure of your decision.

These are 7 important things to do before you get inked. What’re your thoughts on this subject? Do you have any advice to share?