These Medical Tattoos Will Make Your Heart Beat Faster ...


These Medical Tattoos Will Make Your Heart Beat Faster ...
These Medical Tattoos Will Make Your Heart Beat Faster ...

Medical tattoos are absolutely some of my favorites. Some detail out what you want your last wishes to be and some list your blood type and allergies (which is genius by the way!). Take a look and see which is your favorite!

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Heart Beating

Heart Beating So in love with this tattoo – especially on the back of the neck!


Heart + Names

Heart + Names I sorta love this tattoo – so unique and different!


For All You Medicinal Supporters!

For All You Medicinal Supporters! This is seriously cool!


Major Arm Bones

Major Arm Bones The detail on this one is so perfect.


All the Medical Instruments

All the Medical Instruments The colors, the quality – love it!


Biggggg Needle

Biggggg Needle Okay, I'm scared of needles but this looks pretty cool!



Diabetic Such a smart idea in so many ways!



Wheezy Cute!


Slicing the Skin

Slicing the Skin The level of detail in this one is so, so neat.


Different Languages

Different Languages No matter where you travel – they'll be able to understand what's going on with you.



Pacemaker Great way to let anyone and everyone know what's inside of you.


Leg Muscles

Leg Muscles This one is so amazing! I love it.


ALL the Medical History

ALL the Medical History Genius. I am so going to do this I think. It tells a story!


Make Your Wants Known

Make Your Wants Known If you truly are a DNR – make sure the hospital knows it.


Cute Toe Tattoo

Cute Toe Tattoo So adorable!


The Entire Back – in Bones

The Entire Back – in Bones The detail is amazing on this!


Love the Shading on This One

Love the Shading on This One The colors really draw it together. Love it!

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Love these! You'd be shocked at how much tattoos with medical information save lives. The hospital I work at has had many close calls with allergies or diseases that require certain things and notice that they have a tattoo on their arm. Just make sure it's a little visible in long sleeves or sometimes they're missed.

Having a tattoo that says NFR will not stop medical ibtervention from taking place. At least not in Australia. I love the leg muscle tattoo though

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