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7 Reasons to Love Your Pale Skin ...

By Alison

There are lots of reasons to love your pale skin, if that's what nature blessed you with. Yet many pale-skinned people think that their natural skin color is ugly, and spend time and money changing their skin tone with fake tan. Or worse still, they risk their health by tanning in the sun. Yet there's absolutely nothing wrong with being pale. Here are some of the reasons to love your pale skin …

1 It's Natural

It's Natural One of the top reasons to love your pale skin is that it's your natural skin color. What's so wrong with being the way you are? Your skin is this color for a reason - that your ancestors come from a colder country. So wherever you live now, it's wise to be careful in the sun and stick to your natural pale skin. It's fine to be pale, it really is.

2 Striking

Striking Pale skin can look very striking, especially if you have darker hair. I love my combination of pale skin, blue eyes and darker hair. This kind of contrast is much more flattering than a fake tan. So many women cover themselves with fake tan that it makes them look like everyone else. Wouldn't you rather look like an individual, instead of looking like a fake-tanned clone?

3 Love Your Own Skin

Love Your Own Skin Do you think that hating someone because they have darker skin is wrong? You should do. So why dislike your own skin because it's pale? Why not love yourself as you are? Although it's nowhere near as serious as racism, this underlying dislike of pale skin is still worrying. Pale-skinned women are made fun of and told they look ill, or convince themselves that it looks awful. It's ridiculous. Love your skin, whatever its shade.

4 Wanting to Be Different?

Wanting to Be Different? We are all the color we are for a reason. Yet women with lighter skin want to darken theirs, and women with darker skin wish theirs was lighter. It's crazy. Every skin color is beautiful. It's a waste of energy to wish that your skin color was different. You are what you are.

5 History

History You may think that a tan is desirable and looks better, but the popularity of tanning is a relatively recent thing. Not so long ago, women went to great lengths to avoid a tan, as only the lower classes were tanned! They would cover themselves up, wear a hat, and carry a parasol to shield themselves from the sun. Now we'll do anything to get a tan. It's just our perception that's changed.

6 Avoid Premature Aging

Avoid Premature Aging Sunbathing may make you look good (or so you think), but that short-term gain will cost you in the long run. Someone who's a sun-worshipper will age much faster than someone who stays in the shade. We all have to age in the end, but why give yourself wrinkles before your time?

7 Faking It is a Pain

Faking It is a Pain Finally, the idea of using fake tan is a pain to me. Even if I wanted to get a tanned look, I don't think I could be bothered with all the hassle. The time it takes, the expense, the smell, the tan lines … just not worth it in my book.

So if you're naturally pale, realise that there's nothing wrong with it and ignore any rude comments. Pale is just as beautiful as any other. Are you 'pale but interesting,' or do you reach for the bronzer?

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