8 Reasons You Are Absolutely Beautiful ...


8 Reasons You Are Absolutely Beautiful ...
8 Reasons You Are Absolutely Beautiful ...

There are so many reasons you are beautiful – more reasons than you know. They have nothing to do with your makeup or manicures, your weight or your height, the clothes you wear or the handbags you carry. Knowing you're beautiful is so important for every woman – and for every man as well, for that matter. Beauty comes from within, and I guarantee you that every day, you unknowingly do dozens of different things that easily and effortlessly prove just how beautiful you really are. If you need a pick-me-up at any point, if you need some help believing in yourself, then keep reading to see exactly why you're beautiful, and revel in that beauty.

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Your Smile

Your smile is just one of the reasons you are beautiful. It radiates all your warmth, kindness, and love. Whether it's a crooked grin, a mischievous smirk, or a wide, beaming smile, it is beautiful – and it reveals your inner beauty as well. Never hold back on your smiles, and remember that when you smile at someone else, you make their day and your own a little brighter.


Your Laugh

Similarly, your laughter is another reason why you're beautiful. Your laughter is full of joy, and it expresses joy as well. It reveals your sense of humor and your love of life. Don't ever hold in your laughter (unless it's an inappropriate time or place, of course!), because it's part of who you are.


Your Tears

Honestly, all of your emotions make you beautiful, and that includes your tears. Don't ever be ashamed of your tears. Crying is just as beautiful as laughter, even if you're crying because you're heartbroken, hurt, or sad. Letting others see you cry can be difficult, but don't hold back. This action makes you beautiful by revealing your tenderness, your sensitivity, and your heartfelt emotions.


Your Kindness

Your acts toward others represent many reasons you are beautiful as well. When you're kind toward others, that's a truly beautiful thing. The things you do for other people show the wealth of your heart. Being kind takes so little, and you can so your kindness through so many acts both large and small. Doing so illuminates just what kind of person you are.


Your Compassion

Likewise, showing compassion is a big part of knowing you're beautiful. Feeling empathy and sympathy for others will make your life better as well. Letting this quality shine through makes you radiant not because of any physical traits but because it shows what a wonderful person you are, and that's the true key to beauty.

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Your Love

Your love for others reveals your true beauty as well. Whether you're showing love for someone special, your family, your friends, or even strangers, let it show. Don't hide it, don't disguise it, just give into it and let others see it. Your love is beautiful, no matter how you show it.


Your Friendship

The way you nurture your friendships is a great reason you are beautiful. Offering your friendship to others, whether you've known them for years or if they're new in your life, is absolutely lovely. There's not nearly enough friendship in the world today, so extending yours to someone else effortlessly illuminates all of your inner beauty.


Your Confidence

Finally, remember that no matter what you look like on the outside, projecting an air of confidence and belief in yourself makes you beautiful. If you know you're a good person, especially one with all the traits mentioned, and you have confidence in that, it's exquisite. And you are exquisite, so never forget that.

These are just a few reasons you are beautiful. I promise you, there are hundreds more. It doesn't matter who you are, where you come from, what you wear, or how much money you make. Regardless of your height, weight, gender, ethnicity, religion, skin tone, or sexuality, you are absolutely, breathtakingly beautiful, and you should never, ever doubt that. Share some of the love, stalkers, and tell us why you're beautiful. What's your very favorite thing about yourself?

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I love my eyes, thiiqhs, n haiir, n wen people compliment me about those thiinqs, ii feel very beautiiful.

I love this

Made me feel good today :))

I never realized there were so many reasons and ways to feel beautiful... Love this list

No one has the right to tell someone their ugly! and if they do its says a lot about them which makes them pretty hideous.

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