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7 Reasons to Switch to Natural Beauty Products ...

By Crystal

I had my doubts at first, but after my switch to natural beauty products, I haven't looked back. When I thought “all natural,” I assumed the makeup, hair care and skin care products wouldn't be up to par with what I typically used. Who knew all those unpronounceable ingredients, dyes and sulfates could be so horrible? I've been recommending that all my girl friends switch to natural beauty products, because frankly, our skin and hair deserve some pampering.

1 Show Sensitive Skin Some Love

I'm one of those lucky girls that has extremely sensitive skin. I've wasted far too much money and time on products that left my skin red, dry and itchy. When I made the switch to natural beauty products, my first test was a night time moisturizer. Unlike other products, I didn't have to adjust to it. It moisturized without the dreaded consequences. The natural ingredients are far gentler than their synthetic counterparts.

2 Absorb Something Good for You

Honestly, I never really thought about how the skin absorbs the chemicals in synthetic ingredients. It should be obvious, especially when all we hear about is “you are what you eat.” Creams, lotions, foundations, conditioners and other products absorb into your skin. I decided I wanted something a little friendlier and more natural on my skin. After all, why eat well and exercise if I'm going to ruin my skin from the outside?

3 Avoid Excess Acne

As if sensitive skin isn't bad enough, acne loves to rear its ugly head at the worst times. Even though I used anti-acne products, I kept getting breakouts. Turns out, the problem was actually the other ingredients, such as mineral oil. Instead of keeping my skin clear, these unnatural ingredients were inviting more dirt and oil into my pores. I still get the occasional breakout, but since switching, my acne has all but disappeared.

4 Surprisingly Cheap

I admit that I thought natural beauty products had to be more expensive. Often times, natural or organic means you pay more. Turns out that some of my favorite brands have released natural beauty lines that are either comparable in price or even cheaper than their unnatural versions. You should pay close attention that the product is all-natural and not just a mix of natural and synthetic.

5 Make It at Home

The best thing about all-natural beauty products is you can make your own versions at home. For instance, I use an apple cider vinegar solution for acne and I also make my own deep conditioning mask. The supplies let me make the same product numerous times for approximately a 10th of the price of synthetic formulas. I get exactly what I want with better results for a fraction of the price.

6 Focus on Necessary Ingredients

Take a quick look at your favorite skin care, hair care and makeup products. What do the ingredients really do? I had no idea either on 90% of them. Turns out, many of the ingredients are just to change the smell, color or consistency. The natural products are full of active ingredients. It's easy to research each ingredient to see exactly what you're using and why.

7 Lasts Longer

This is honestly my favorite reason to use natural beauty products. Instead of filling the trash with bottles, tubes and other packaging, I find myself using the natural product 2-5 times longer than the synthetic filled alternative. Not only is it more eco-friendly, but I don't have to spend time picking up new products all the time. Plus, when something lasts longer, you spend less money in the long run. I'm loving using less product and getting even better results.

You don't have to give up all your favorites, but I guarantee you'll find at least a few all-natural beauty products that will easily replace those favorites. I started by looking for natural alternatives in my favorite brands. Have you already made the switch? If not, which products would you want to switch first?

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