6 Reasons to Use CDB Makeup Brushes ...


6 Reasons to Use CDB Makeup Brushes ...
6 Reasons to Use CDB Makeup Brushes ...

When you are using a makeup brush on your face you want to know that it is of the highest quality and made from the best material. We are always in a rush out the door and the last thing we need is our makeup brushes falling apart, getting stuck in our makeup, or leaving a rash on our face. That is why I want to tell you more about celebrity makeup artist Christopher Drummond'snew line and 6 Reasons to Use CDB Makeup Brushes...
CDB Natural & Organic Makeup Brushes...

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Peta-approved & Cruelty Free Materials...

Peta-approved & Cruelty Free Materials... Photo Credit

Years ago women may not have cared about the difference in makeup brushes, but today we push the issue to know where products are from and what the materials are made out of. Christopher Drummond Beautyinsures that, "All makeup brushes in the kit feature vegan approved, US assembled components. The new cruelty-free make up brushes offer superior performance and shed-free technology through the incorporation of the highest quality Peta-approved/cruelty free materials." This is just one of many reasons why investing in CDB makeup brushes is a great idea.


Long Lasting Quality...

Long Lasting Quality... Photo Credit

Could you imagine a makeup brush that would stick to your makeup, continue to have bristles falling out over time, or one that is uncomfortable and rough to hold in your hand, no woman on the go wants that! Luckily we now have CDB**makeup** brushes and "Each brush is made with a sustainable wood handle for durability and comfort. The furrels are made of durable nickel plated metal, to provide long-lasting endurance. In addition, the taklon bristles ensure that the brushes last far longer than anything else on the market, giving women the means to maximize their investment and enjoy a professional quality cosmetic tool, at a reasonable price."


Reasonably Priced...

Reasonably Priced... Photo Credit

Professional makeup brushes and makeup brush kits can get costly, especially ones that are vegan and PETA approved. But CDB**makeup brushes** will only cost you between $18-$28 and can be bought separately or with a customized carrying case.

Discount Code: A Special Thank You to Christopher Drummondand staff for this great discount code forAll Women Stalkreaders! At check out enter the code AWSBRUSH15 for 15% off your order!

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Designed by a Celebrity Makeup Artist...

Designed by a Celebrity Makeup Artist... Photo Credit

Christopher Drummondhas worked with celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Halle Berry, Jane Fonda, and even Glenn Close, so it's easy to see why he would want to make sure his name is on a high quality makeup brush line and why you can trust to use his **makeup brushes **on your beautiful skin. "Each (brush) is designed for optimal performance and longevity, and pre-tested on Christopher’s celebrity clientele."


Makeup Tutorials and Professional Help Included...

Makeup Tutorials and Professional Help Included... Photo Credit

Perhaps you don't usually wear much makeup but would like to experiment more and have only been waiting for the right set of vegan, high quality makeup brushes, so where do you find the help you need to use the tools now that you have them? "Included with the brushes are CDB’s signature online education and tutorials and legendary customer support along with Christopher’s specific tips for different uses." What other makeup brush kit do you know that comes with professional tips and tutorials!


A Brush for All Your Makeup Needs...

A Brush for All Your Makeup Needs... Photo Credit:

When you buy the CDBmakeup brush kit you won't have to buy any other makeup brushes because you will have a brush for all of your makeup needs. "Within the set of makeup brushes, women will find a duo brow/liner brush, as well as another for eye shading and a pencil “smudger” brush. Also included is a shader brush, as well as one for concealer and the “must have” of the bunch, the patent-pending “Air Blender”, which is perfect for blush and Saude Pele Radiance Booster."

Whether you are a woman who is just starting to experiment with makeup, looking for vegan and PETA approved makeup brushes, or are looking for a makeup brush of high quality, you will find that CDBmakeup brushes are tools you will love and will want to tell all of your friends about. CDB also has a line of organic cosmetics and other makeup products you will fall in love with as well.

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I took herbs and that's works, only in 2weeks. I still use until now for keep my ideal size

These brushes sound fantastic!!!! I'm definately getting 1, or maybe more!!!!!

I am a make up junky, I have an addiction to find brushes. The last thing that I need is one more brush. I check out their site and wow I 'd like to try one, two or three of their brushes.

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