10 Reasons to Love Your Small Boobs for Girls Not Well Endowed ...

By Jennifer

10 Reasons to Love Your Small Boobs for Girls Not Well Endowed ...

As someone who measures in at a 36AA - and that's being generous - I'm well aware of the many reasons to love your small boobs. Granted, there are a few frustrations (why are all swimsuit tops all designed for B-cups only?) but overall, I'm happy with my convenient travel-sized chesticles. In a world that embraces everything big-boobed, why am I small but happy? Read on, my fellow A-cups. Here's a short list of the reasons you should love your small boobs, too.

1 The Fashion

clothing, fashion model, shoulder, headgear, outerwear, The gorgeous Keira Knightley is living proof that a plunging v-neckline was made for those with A-cup breasts. There's no danger of the girls getting away from us, causing a nip-slip or other wardrobe malfunction when they're so meek and well-behaved. Really, there is no top that's off-limits for a girl without much on top.

2 Gravity

swimwear, orange, vacation, sea, summer, My dear, gravity is not kind. But if you've got smallish boobs, you're a lot less prone to stretch marks and sagging than, say, a C-cup. Your small breasts will stay pert and perky for much longer, especially if you're also fit overall. So our bodies defy gravity and its ill effects. We're kind of like super-heroes, no?

3 The Wire

jeans, shoulder, outerwear, girl, blazer, So many of my well-endowed friends complain about the discomfort of underwire and the overall cost of their bras (and matching panties). One pulled the wire from one of her old bras and showed it to me in disgust. It was horrifying! And the bra it came from? Expensive! I can't imagine spending so much money for what is basically an instrument of torture. Me? I'll be over here, in the wire-free, ultra-comfy cami-top section.

4 Pain Free

swimwear, vacation, summer, fun, sea, The same busty friend who showed me the underwire also showed me the permanent indentations on her shoulders, "earned" from years of bra straps digging into her skin, holding the girls up. She also has constant back aches, something we smaller girls likely will never experience.

5 Posture

vacation, swimwear, summer, beach, sea, Proper posture is so elegant... and if you've got smaller boobs, chances are, your posture is easier to maintain. Think about it - we lack the 15 to 20 pounds of forward force trying to keep us hunched over. Chin up, tummy in, (smallish) boobs out. Perfect!

6 Jogging

swimwear, ultramarathon, vacation, beach, sky, I'm a runner (not a fast runner, but still) and this is the one time I'm the happiest that I'm an A-cup. When I run, I'm in no danger of knocking myself out, or harming anyone who happens to be nearby. I don't have to resort to wearing two sports bras just to contain the girls and keep them from flying about. I can focus solely on the miles, not my boobs.

7 The Flop

lingerie, undergarment, swimwear, girl, back, We've all been there - you come home after a particularly trying day and flop, dramatically, face-first onto your couch/bed/floor. Our bustier friends can't do that, not without inflicting pain. To fully express their frustration, they must find another outlet, other than our perfectly fitting Flop.

8 There's No Shame

pink, gown, fashion model, beauty, dress, Finally, we're at a point in our cultural evolution that we're starting to realize body shaming, in all its cruel, wretched forms, is unkind and unnecessary. Big boobs? Fine! Small boobs? Fine too! Something in between? Equally fine! So the media and wider world are starting to accept that not all women are built exactly the same, and it's time we realized this, and embraced it, too.

9 You Can Fake It

I admit it - there have been a few times I've worn padded, silicone-filled push-up bras just to see how the busty half lives. And it was fun! I love my body just the way it is, but it was kind of interesting to see how bigger girls live. At the end of the day, I got my own body back (yay!) but it's nice to know that if we ever want to fake it, we can. It's probably much, much harder for a bigger girl to fake being smaller, and I shudder at the thought of the binding devices it would require.

10 Self Exams Are Faster

pink, purple, clothing, footwear, eyewear, Small boobs are just as much at risk from breast cancer as larger ones, so it's still important to examine them monthly. On the plus side, though, a thorough exam won't take long, so there's no excuse not to do it. Insert stern, motherly look here.

See? Small boobs are wonderful! Small boobs are glamorous! Small boobs are ... smaller than big boobs but are still just as fabulous (just smaller). If you're a smaller girl, like me, chime in and let me know why you loves your minis, too!

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@jessica Im not going to waste my time with illiterate trash anymore. I said don't call me honey, you can't read. So much ignorance in a human being is amazing.

And wtf saggy boobs this is why you shouldn't even write for women who have a thicker body

Medium sized are the bomb ! That's me !

As long as im in goid health and shape im ok with big or smalldoesnt really matter

the newer article about loving smaller boobs is much better.

#3-6 can be fixed with a good bra! Expensive doesn't always mean quality

Tbh I am a 32A and I always wanted bigger boobs just a 34B you know ? Just a little to poke out. While little boobs have their advantages, who can deny a little boobage would be exciting.

@Sapna Pathack *to each his own. Or in this case her

body up**

I think it's pathetic that you can't let anyone voice they're opinion since it's all women's talk sharia if you don't like what we say then ignore it

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