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9 Reasons Your Smile is Your Sexiest Feature ...

By Crystal

Contrary to popular belief, your smile is actually your sexiest feature. I love how much a simple smile can convey. From pure joy to a sexy flirt, your smile speaks long before you ever get the chance. Even most of my male friends agree that smiling is your sexiest feature. It's easy to do, so why not get your sexy on with a genuine smile?

1 Changes How Others See You

Changes How Others See YouWhen you don't smile, others tend to see you as the doom and gloom person. You become one of those background people that simply blends in. Even if you change how you dress or cut your hair, your smile is still your sexiest feature. I've seen people who suddenly change their attitude and start smiling more often. They go from wallflower to the person everyone wants to know.

2 Gives You a Confidence Boost

Gives You a Confidence BoostWhen you smile, you get a nice little boost of feel good chemicals that make you feel happier and more confident. Ask any guy and he'll tell you that the confident woman is always more attractive than the insecure one. Even when I'm feeling shy or insecure, all I have to do is smile and not only do I look more confident, but I feel better about myself too. Another perk is it makes others feel more comfortable, like that cute guy in the corner, if they're feeling insecure as well.

3 Brightens Your Face

Brightens Your FaceI can't tell you how many times I've seen women cake on makeup to try and look sexier. No matter how much foundation or highlighter you use, it'll still seem like you're sitting in the shade until you smile. I embrace my smile lines because the moment I smile, no one notices them anymore. They see me as a fun, happy person. A smile works as an on-the-go highlighter, instantly brightening your face and chasing away the shadows.

4 Makes You Approachable

Makes You ApproachableEver notice how people tend to shy away from you when you're in a bad mood? I've looked at myself in the mirror when I've got my "I hate the world" face on. It's not pretty. Instead of causing people to run away screaming, I let go of whatever is stressing me out and smile instead. That single smile becomes a beacon that draws others to you.

5 It's All Natural

It's All NaturalMost guys will tell you they love the natural look. While they don't mind you dressing up, they prefer the toned down makeup and casual attire. What's more natural than a smile? Smiles are sexy because they are completely natural and they let guys know whether you're having a good time or not. Even when I've went out of my way to look amazing on a date, I don't get the true wow moment until I smile.

6 Reduces Physical Effects of Stress

Reduces Physical Effects of StressI hate those weeks where everything goes wrong. I get bags under my eyes and lines seem to appear out of nowhere. However, the more I smile, the less severe the physical effects of stress become. Smiling doesn't just make you look sexy in the moment. Smiling helps you keep looking sexy. Trust me, the more you smile, the better you'll look and feel inside and out.

7 Easy to Highlight

Easy to HighlightHow often do you try to accentuate features or cover up flaws? I have those dreaded bad hair days where I try to make everything else look incredible to draw attention away from my uncontrollable poof. While it usually takes a lot of technique and ingenuity to highlight certain aspects, a smile is simple to highlight. A little lip gloss or lipstick and you're ready to go. I like knowing that I can look a little sexier just by highlighting my lips and letting my smile shine through.

8 Look Instantly Younger

Look Instantly YoungerI'll admit that I love watching people when I'm out and about. One thing I've noticed is how a smile makes people look instantly younger. I honestly thought one woman was in her 40s until she smiled at her husband. All the stress was suddenly erased from her face and she easily looked 10 years younger. Smiling gives you a more youthful appearance. Smiling is definitely a lot cheaper than all those anti-aging creams, right?

9 Relieves Stress

Relieves StressTense shoulders, a dark mood, crying and looking exhausted are not sexy. Not only does smiling help reduce the physical effects of stress, it relieves stress as well. Stress hormones are put in their place when you smile. Instead of looking stressed out, you look happier and within minutes you'll start to feel the stress leave your body. I know a single smile won't get rid of all your stress, but it will help and make you look and feel sexier in the process.

Smiling is such an easy thing to do. From helping you become a social butterfly to improving your looks, it's hard to find anything else that makes you look as sexy as your smile. I also love the fact that my smile goes with absolutely everything in my closet. Where will you unleash your sexy smile next?

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