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7 Juicy Secrets That All "Pretty" Girls Have Been Hiding ...

By Holly

Beauty really isn't everything. If you don't believe it, then all you have to do is find the most gorgeous girl in your town and ask her. Even though it may look like her life is easy, because she's appealing to the eye, she'll tell you that being beautiful isn't all its cracked up to be. In fact, here are some downsides of life for pretty girls:

1 It Hurts when People like You for Your Looks

Beautiful women always have to be weary of their relationships. They'll never know if a man is actually interested in their personality, or if he's only interested in their looks. Whenever they go on dates, they have to pay extra special attention to whether the guy is focused on their words or focused on their breasts.

bella I hear you everybody likes me just for my looks...

2 They Feel Insecure, Too

Famous models have just as many flaws as you do. It's just difficult to see those flaws, because they know how to use fashion to show off their assets and how to use makeup to look as beautiful as possible. However, when they step off the catwalk and in front of the mirror, there are plenty of things that they wish they could change about themselves.

Luna Pretty people don't always WANT to be pretty. I, ...

3 It's Hard to Make Female Friends

Some beautiful women have trouble making female friends, because other girls will automatically view them as competition. That means that they'll be disliked before others even get to know them. That's why we should always try our hardest to avoid judging books by their cover and humans by their level of attractiveness.

bella it is hard i bearly made any friends back then but...

4 They Don’t Get Everything Handed to Them

Sure, some pretty women may manage to wiggle out of a parking ticket, but nothing else in life is actually handed to them. They still have to go on job interviews and work their butts off, just like anyone else does.

5 They Spend Hours in Front of the Mirror, Too

Even if a woman is born beautiful, she needs to do a few things in order to keep up appearances. She still needs to keep her hair washed and styled, her face clean and painted, and her nails trimmed and polished. Don't assume that they spend less time prepping for the day than you do, because most women spend about the same amount of time in front of the mirror.

6 They Get Cheated on, Too

If your man cheated on you, don't assume that the reason has to do with your looks. After all, the most beautiful actresses and models have been cheated on by their boyfriends and husbands. Being on the bad end of a breakup has nothing to do with your level of attractiveness.

SEXYHOTBITCHLOL I know im beautifull purr...

7 Beauty Isn’t Everything

All in all, beauty isn't everything. There are more important things in life, like families and careers. Besides, beauty is subjective, so even though your current crush might not be attracted to you, there are plenty of other people who will be.

It's time to stop being jealous of all of the beautiful women you see, because they don't have it better than you do. Plus, in someone's eyes, you'll be more beautiful than all of those other pretty women combined. What part of your face or body have you gotten the most compliments on?

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