9 Signs Your Makeup Routine is Too Complicated ...

By Lisa

9 Signs Your Makeup Routine is Too Complicated ...

Have you ever stopped mid-application through your makeup routine and wondered if you’re doing a little too much? Do you feel like you spend the majority of your mornings getting ready instead doing other important things like filling up on a good breakfast or getting mentally prepared for the day? We can start out having a few time-consuming beauty-related tasks but it can slowly turn into a 1-2 hour preening session in no time! Keep reading to see if your makeup routine is too complicated and how you can shorten your primping time in no time!

1 Day Spa

Does your daily makeup routine start with multiple skin care products and steps? Applying skin care products can be very time consuming since you likely apply things in a certain order, massage it in and then wait for it to set before moving forward. Save complex beauty tasks for the evening when you have more time. According to dermatologist Dr. Howard Murad, your cells repair and rebuild themselves throughout the night while you sleep. So, adding your fancy schmancy skin care products at night is better than hurriedly slathering it on in the AM. Keep it to a minimum and get ready faster!

2 Wash ‘n Go

One of the major signs of a complicated beauty routine is if you consistently spend more than 5-10 minutes showering before you get ready. Although a shower isn’t really makeup, it is something you do as part of your routine. If you like taking your time in a warm shower every morning, you can be taking away from time to do other things! Keep it short unless you’re like me and once you’re in, you just can’t seem to get out quickly. If you’re disciplined and able to get in and out in a flash, go for it! I know showering is a great way to wake up and prepare for the day ahead, just keep it short!

3 Rinse ‘n Go

This is like part two of the second sign of a complicated beauty routine, always washing your hair before you get ready. If you have hair that’s easy to wash, dry and style then ignore this. If not, then you should seriously reconsider your morning hair washing. Washing your hair usually means you have to take time to comb it out, apply a heat protectant, leave-in conditioner or whatever hair product you like, then dry and style it. That’s a whole lot of time you could be spending catching up on news, celebrity gossip or grabbing a hot beverage!

4 Laying It on Thick

This goes for any part of your makeup routine, anything that you have to layer on is taking up too much of your precious time. Do you layer on lip products, eye makeup, blush or face makeup? Although it looks good, all that layering and blending can take up so much time that you don’t even realize! I know we all want to look our best but we also have to draw the line somewhere. Save special makeup application techniques for special occasions and keep daily makeup routines easy!

5 The Eyes Have It

A sure sign of a complicated beauty routine is when you’re doing red carpet makeup looks on the daily. If you work in a beauty-related industry then I can see how going all out on your makeup is like part of your uniform. If not, think about reconsidering doing really intricate eye makeup. If you’re pulling out multiple eye shadow palettes, brushes, mascaras and topping it all off with a set of falsies, it might be time to pare it down.

6 Sculpted Surface

Does your makeup routine consist of doing some major facial contouring? It can be quick and easy to do a quick contour job on your cheeks and nose. But, if you’re going so far as to contouring your entire face like a celeb you might want to scale back on the amount of product and time you’re spending on it. Try using less product and contouring less areas first to see if you even need it. You might find that you like your face sans all the maquillage!

7 Double Jeopardy

So far we’ve covered areas in your makeup routine where you’re applying new products but what about the old? You’re not taking off yesterday’s makeup only to reapply it, right? It might sound crazy but I’ve done it and know of others who have done it from always working or playing really late and passing out as soon as they got home. Either way, sleeping with your makeup on is bad enough but taking it all off the next day regularly is super bad and a time waster!

8 Obsess Much?

If you take a look at the average woman’s makeup routine I think most of us have one area which we obsess over. For some the eyebrows have to be just right, others like a perfectly lined lip or maybe you like your mascara to be totally clump-free. Whatever the case may be, try not to spend too much time on one area while you’re getting ready. This particular sign of a complex beauty routine might appear to be more like a time saver and it sort of is. It’s just that it seems that the more someone fusses over something, the more they find wrong with it which means adding more makeup. You probably looked perfectly fine before you started “fixing” it anyway!

9 Following Fads

If you daily makeup routine consists of incorporating the latest in makeup trends and fads, you’re probably making your things more complicated than it should be. The thing about trendy makeup is that they seem to appear quickly so not a lot of people know how to efficiently achieve the look. This means you’re using extra time and resources to emulate a particular look you might not be so familiar with. Again, if you’re working in an industry where this is encouraged it’s another thing. But if you’re applying caviar lips one day then doing some far out liquid eyeliner designs the next, things can literally get messy!

Did you relate to any of these signs your makeup routine is too complicated? Me and my friends used to take hours to get ready to go anywhere so I know (and hope) there are other ladies out there who take their beauty routines serious as we did! If you enjoy your primping sessions and have the extra time, then by all means, continue! This post isn’t about guilt trips or prompting anyone to change but more as a guide to see if you could take some short cuts! Do you think your makeup routine is too complicated?

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That's why a light shade shadow to cover dark circles, some mascara and a bit of lipstick is the best way to go. Less than 5 minutes and a girl always looks great

9 signs your makeup is too complicated by with advice from @DrMurad! (via Twitter)

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