7 Spring Selfie Ideas That'll Get You Lots of Likes ...


7 Spring Selfie Ideas That'll Get You Lots of Likes ...
7 Spring Selfie Ideas That'll Get You Lots of Likes ...

If you want your selfies to get attention, then you have to work hard on them. Doing your hair and makeup perfectly is only part of the equation. You also have to choose your background and props carefully. If you need some help, here are a few Spring selfie ideas that'll get you a lot of likes:

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In Natural Light

You've been taking photographs in front of your mirror all winter. Now that it's getting warmer out, it's time to step outside of the house and take your selfie with natural lighting. It'll flatter your face much more than your bathroom lights ever could. Besides, it'll give you a prettier background. Even if you have something simple, like the sky, in back of you, it beats looking at your toilet.


With a Landmark in the Background

You don't have to make your face the focal point of the picture. If you visit a landmark that you want to show off, then you can take a picture that includes it. That way, you'll get likes from the people who think you look pretty, but you'll also get likes from the people who love the landmark that you're visiting. It's a win-win!


In Front of Flowers

Now that it's spring, the flowers are going to start blooming. That means that you have the perfect background for your photographs! What's prettier than a garden filled with flowers? Even if you don't have any in your own yard, it won't be long until you visit a friend's house or a musem with the perfect background for your next picture.


With Your Pet

You don't need a big group of friends to take an amazing selfie. You can take one with your pet, instead! No one is going to scroll past an adorable puppy or kitty face without leaving a like. It doesn't even matter what you look like in the picture, because all eyes are going to be on your furry friend.


At the Beach

It's still a little chilly out, so you don't have to take a picture in your skimpy bathing suit. Instead, take a close up of your face with the ocean and sand in the background. It'll look gorgeous, and it'll get all of your followers excited for summer.


While Wearing Your Spring Clothing

You're not going to wear the same clothes in spring that you did in winter. You're going to swap all of your plain black outfits for bright, floral ones. Of course, when you slip into a new dress, don't let it go to waste. Post a picture of it on Instagram for everyone to see. You might even want to tell everyone where you bought it, because you know that they're going to be asking the question!


With Your Man

Spring is the perfect season to celebrate your love. That's why you should post a few pictures alongside your boyfriend. When everyone sees what a perfect couple you make, they're bound to leave a like. Plus, you'll get likes from his friends as well as your friends! That's double the attention!

If you want to get as many likes as possible, then you should try out these selfie ideas! What's your Instagram account?

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