7 Steps to Perfectly Manicured Brows ...


7 Steps to Perfectly Manicured Brows ...
7 Steps to Perfectly Manicured Brows ...

For a beauty regime that will quickly and effortlessly transform your face and update your look this season, try these 7 steps to perfectly manicured brows. Although eyes are the windows to the soul, eyebrows are the most expressive and can entirely change the way your face looks depending on their shape and style. Keep this major facial featured tamed and manageable with these 7 steps to perfectly manicured brows to complete and polish your face’s natural beauty.

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Brush Your Brows

The first step in perfecting manicured brows is to brush your eyebrow hairs with a brow brush. Brow brushes can take the shape of either the spooly kind, like a mascara style brush or comb style. Brush the hairs in one direction to maintain smooth and neat brows with every hair in its place. For a better sense on how your brows grow and how long your hairs are, brush your hair upwards and determine the look you want to achieve.


Time to Trim

Once you’ve brushed your brows upward it’s time to trim. Trim any long and unwanted hairs with a pair of brow scissors to tame your brows and keep them from verging on unruly. Be careful not to trim your eyebrows too much as you’ll be left with short and blunt hairs that may end up leaving your brows worse for wear.


Draw Your Shape

Typically, drawing on your eyebrows is never a good look, but this is one crucial step that can set apart good brows from great brows. Before plucking, outline your eyebrows or desired brow shape with a white eyeliner pencil to serve as a guide when tweezing hairs. Follow your basic shape and natural arch to create perfectly manicured brows that suit your face.


Get Tweezed

After you’ve drawn on your brows you can begin tweezing, but don’t get plucker happy just yet. That outline you’ve drawn on is to serve as your shape guide and self-reminder to not over pluck. Any hairs that grow beyond the shape you’ve outlined with your pencil should be plucked or trimmed for perfect, shapely brows.


Keep It Natural

The most important step in having and maintaining perfectly manicured brows is to work with what you naturally have. This means sticking to and following your natural arch and basic shape for the best brows. The general rule of thumb when it comes to keeping your brows natural is that brows should begin parallel to the inside corner of your eye, your natural arch should be vertical from the outer edge of your iris and your brows should end parallel from the edge of your nose. Following this rule will help your brows to suit the dimensions of your face and keep your eyebrows natural and manicured.


Fill It in

If you do happen to over pluck, don’t worry you won’t be stuck with that stunned or surprised expression for long as you can easily fix any tweezing problems with a brow pencil or powder. Brow pencils and powders not only work wonders for overdone eyebrows but also provide the final magic touch to brows with lightly-colored or sparse hair. If you’re a blonde pick a pencil that matches your darkest brow hairs to create definition and enhance your brows, while if you’re a brunette choose a pencil one shade lighter than your hair to soften your face. Although finding the perfect pencil to match your brows can be tough, it’s definitely worth it when it comes to having perfectly manicured and polished brows.


Finishing Touch

For your last and final step to achieving perfectly manicured brows, it’s the finishing touches that do the trick. To create and add definition and shine try using a clear brow gel or Vaseline for ultra-smooth and sexy eyebrows. If you want to add a little extra color with the shine factor, opt for a tinted brow gel to enhance your natural brow’s beauty.

No beauty regime is complete without basic brow care and these 7 steps show you how to get perfectly manicured brows with effortless ease. By working with your basic brow shape and natural arch, you can perfect manicured brows at home with simple strategies like the ones above. Polish off your natural beauty by following these 7 steps to perfectly manicured brows today! What are some of your eyebrow care tips?

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