7 Strange Beauty Treatments Involving Animals That Will Blow Your Mind ...


7 Strange Beauty Treatments Involving Animals That Will Blow Your Mind ...
7 Strange Beauty Treatments Involving Animals That Will Blow Your Mind ...

The world of strange beauty treatments is a real zoo! Spas are always trying to dream up the next big thing in beauty in hopes of scoring scores of customers, and there's one surefire way for a spa to get tons of press—just offer a weird beauty treatment that has something to do with an animal. This gets people talking by creeping them out, and there are always plenty of daredevils out there willing to try crazy new things. So read on to see if you would be brave enough to try any of these strange beauty treatments involving animals.

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Fish Pedicures

This is one of the many strange beauty treatments that have been featured on "Keeping Up with the Kardashians." Basically, you stick your feet inside a tank of tiny fish that proceed to nibble all of the dead skin off your tootsies. That's right—the fish actually eat you alive. So is the gross-out factor here really worth being able to put down that pumice stone? Not really—the fish carry bacteria that can cause skin infections, and they also poop in the water that your feet are in.


Bird Poop Facials

Here's another gross poop-related beauty treatment. However, poop isn't a byproduct here—it's the main event. For $180, you can have nightingale droppings smeared all over your face at the Shizuka New York skin care salon. The Japanese treatment is supposed to keep skin nice and smooth because of a special enzyme found in the poop. However, why do something so expensive and disgusting when there are so many other skin-smoothing beauty treatments available? I don't know about you, but I'd feel more comfortable and relaxed wearing a mask made from other natural ingredients like clay and seaweed.


Snail Facials

If you're willing to shell out $243, you can enjoy the sickening sensation of these slimy shelled critters crawling all over your face. The Ci:z.Labo spa in Tokyo offers this bizarre beauty treatment, which supposedly leaves a gooey goop on the skin that is loaded with antioxidants and hyaluronic acid. Of course, some dermatologists are skeptical of this slimy beauty treatment, and you'll probably benefit more by simply buying a good moisturizer that contains hyaluronic acid. You'll also avoid getting all grossed out and paying for the privilege. So do you think this more or less ridiculous than people paying big bucks to eat snails at fancy restaurants?


Leech Therapy

Actress Demi Moore once admitted to trying this strange beauty treatment. Leeches have been used in medicine for thousands of years, and blood letting was once thought to cure all sorts of diseases. In fact, these squirmy bloodsuckers are still used today to prevent blood clots during surgery. However, Demi was using leech therapy as an anti-aging treatment that supposedly detoxifies blood. This definitely sounds a bit dubious to me—leeches aren't vampires, so they aren't going to make you forever young by sucking out your blood.


Eel Baths

This beauty treatment is similar to the fish pedicure mentioned above. However, your whole body is in a tank, and you get nibbled on by eels instead of fish. The world learned about this treatment being offered by a spa in China in a very wild way. According to reports, some poor guy got the shock of his life when a small eel decided to swim inside his penis. The eel was later removed, and hopefully this beauty treatment was removed from that spa's list of services.


Python Massage

If the thought of a stranger rubbing your body creeps you out, maybe you'll be more comfortable with the idea of snakes crawling all over your back. The Bali Heritage Reflexology and Spa in Jakarta offers this bizarre beauty treatment that saves masseuses a lot work—they're basically snake wranglers who make sure that writhing masses of pythons stay on their customers' backs. You have to pay just a little over $60 for this frightening experience, and fear is actually a key part of the treatment. The fear-induced adrenaline rush you experience will supposedly impact your metabolism, so the snakes might scare away a few pounds. But I think I'd rather watch a horror movie while getting a normal massage.


Bull Semen Hair Treatment

Ugh, this one definitely grosses me out the most. The treatment is touted as "Viagra for hair," which makes it sound even worse. You can try the treatment at London's Hari's spa or TheBroot in Santa Monica, California. TheBroot actually makes a broth out of boiled bull testicles (barf). These treatments are supposed to make hair thicker and stronger, but will you really want to reveal your disgusting secret when everyone asks you why your hair suddenly looks so amazing?

So maybe we've gone a little too far in our quest for beauty. It's a tad disturbing that we want to look better so badly that we're willing to let animals eat us, crawl on us, and secrete stuff on us. But at least it's all-natural, right? So would you be willing to try any of these wild and wacky beauty treatments?

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@isabella I second what she said. I think that be pretty fascinating

Wtf did I just read

Lol they actually seem pretty interesting to try.

I actually did the fish foot thing. I did it for 10 minutes and let me tell you! I had tears steaming down my eyes from laughing too hard. It was the most ticklish experience of my life. :P

The python one sounds interesting

Omg ppl r brain washed these days , im afraid if someone say jumg in the ditch and ull b 16 again half of the population will do it haha

I would totally do the snake one. Just for fun- I love snakes (as long as they have a handler lol)

Who actually said hmmm let boil bull testicles and put that soup in my hair!

I'd do the snake one (I love snakes)

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