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7 Divinely Traditional Beauty Treatments from 7 Different but Charming Corners of ...

By Jelena

Beauty Treatments that involve traditional recipes and natural elements are sure worth remembering, regardless of how advanced traditional medicine gets. In fact, the more we research and the more we know, the more we become aware of all the benefits of natural beauty treatments! So, if a fancy cosmetic company can whisk up a natural formula, bottle it and sell it for a price that definitely says “this is not synthetic junk (but don’t read the label, though)” why can’t we use the knowledge and homemade beauty treatments women from all across the globe have been using for ages? Yes, ladies, let’s use this time to dig through the past a little bit and explore all those wonderful traditional beauty secrets from all across the globe!

1 Castor Oil for Seductive Mile-Long Eyelashes

Country of Origin: Italy
Naturally beautiful and absolutely stunning in pretty much anything they decide to wear – Italian women are said to be one of the most beautiful women on the world! Their secret? Castor oil! A gorgeous set of thick, stunning eyelashes, the ones that could cause a hurricane and create their own seductive shade doesn’t just happen on its own and even when it does, it certainly needs a little push here and there. So, hop to the nearest pharmacy, pick up a bottle of good old castor oil and apply it on your eyelashes every evening before your sleep. This is one of those beauty treatments I’ve been practicing for a long time, ladies, and I have to say it really works like a charm so definitely give it a try even if you’re operating on a tight budget because castor oil is actually quite cheap and a standard bottle will last you a very long time.

2 White Tea for Overall Glow

Country of Origin: China
Saying that Chinese women age gracefully would be an understatement and I believe every beauty expert would love to find out what is it that keeps them looking so young, then bottle it up and make a fortune out of it. Well, that’s unfortunately just not going to happen because a lot of it has to do with the genes although there are some tips we ought to pick up! Like white tea, for example! Using skincare products that contain this amazing component will help your skin fight off free radicals more efficiently and if you combine this tea with rosemary oil and use it as a final rinse, you can bring back that healthy, natural shine your hair has been lacking!


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3 Sand for Cellulite Free Skin

Country of Origin: Brazil
People who had the luck of visiting this wonderful land say that seeing women rubbing her bodies with sand is not an unusual sight. Well, some might call it strange and they would, of course, be wrong not to mention miss out on the most natural of all body sculpting beauty treatments! Want that gorgeous body Brazilian women are so famous for? Time to get all covered in sand then! This “sand spa” exfoliates and heats up the skin which burns fat quite effectively helping your beach bod stay silky soft, toned and cellulite free!

4 Honey for Satiny Soft Skin

Country of Origin: Poland
Winters can get quite harsh in this part of Europe which means you’ll need a couple of natural, nurturing beauty treatments to keep your skin glowing, soft and flake-free! So, in case your skin is dry, sensitive and unbelievably prone to frost bites, definitely try treating it with a warm honey mask. Same goes for lips, gals – a 30 minute honey lip mask and some gentle exfoliation (use your toothbrush) and your lips will be as good as new and ready to give him the softest kiss he’s ever gotten!

5 Camelia Oil for Flawless Skin

Country of Origin: Japan
Every woman would love to have that glowing, spotless, incredibly beautiful skin that comes so naturally for Japanese women! Well, let’s rely on their traditional beauty secret, camellia oil, to work its magic. Scientists and cosmetologists agree this priceless ingredient is one of the most potent revitalizing, moisturizing and conditioning agents ever and, as such, could be your direct ticket to spotless skin.

6 Minerals for Natural Beauty

Countries of Origin: Scandinavian Countries
Scandinavian beauties had clean, mineral rich spring water to thank for their gorgeous, natural, easy to care for skin and we could all benefit from these easy to do beauty treatments as well. Now, I’m sure you don’t have a spring close by but that’s not a reason to give up, especially when you can buy canned mineral water that’s ready to use whenever you feel like your skin could use a bit of refreshment. Minerals will help condition your skin while the cool, fresh coat of moisture rinses off impurities and helps reduce redness and swelling.

7 Coconut Oil for Healthy, Thick Hair

Country of Origin: India
If you ever thought about getting hair extensions or even a full weave, you certainly know Indian hair is the most expensive and the most sought for because of its beauty and unquestionable quality. But, since I prefer talking about all those gorgeous ladies who nurture and wear their amazing hair so proudly, I’ll stop discussing hair as an object that can be traded with and focus on some traditional beauty treatments that could help you turn your hair into a seductive, luscious waterfall! So, warm up some coconut oil, massage it into your scalp once a week and leave it in for the night. This simple, budget-friendly trick will make your hair healthier, shinier and…oh… hope you’re ready to say good bye to your split ends as well!

Have you ever heard of these traditional beauty treatments? I think they are really cool and I’ll gladly give them a shot! Feel free to share interesting beauty treatments from your country because I bet there are some cool, not so widely known traditional beauty secrets we could share!

Top Photo Credit: BIJI KURIAN

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