35 Tattoos for Music Lovers That You Have to See to Believe ...

By Eliza

35 Tattoos for Music Lovers That You Have to See to Believe ...

If you love music, it only makes sense that it would drive your tattoo choice. There are loads of ways to show off your love of notes and instruments. If you're thinking of getting some ink, you might just find what your heart has been searching for on this list. At the very least, these tattoos will make you smile.

Table of contents:

  1. notes inside a heart
  2. stop, play, etc
  3. musical ear tattoo
  4. creative and personal
  5. the lion king "hakuna matata" symbol
  6. ankle placement
  7. tiny finger tattoo
  8. music in your heart
  9. shoulder tattoo
  10. music is the sound of life
  11. superb treble clef
  12. notes taking flight
  13. inspired by sheet music
  14. music is what feelings sound like
  15. finger tune
  16. thigh tattoo
  17. inside the ear
  18. music is the heartbeat
  19. white ink
  20. colorful rib tattoo
  21. harmonious music tattoo for cat lovers
  22. floating music notes
  23. sheet music
  24. for piano lovers
  25. rock and roll
  26. on your wrist
  27. music note believe tattoo
  28. tiny treble clef
  29. big guitar
  30. watercolor music tattoo
  31. with a blue rose
  32. feeling the blues
  33. where words fail, music speaks
  34. black and white
  35. musical dandelion fluff

1 Notes inside a Heart

tattoo,arm,leg,hand,human body, Source: Top 10 Latest Tattoo Designs

2 Stop, Play, Etc

white,black,black and white,tattoo,finger, Source: 27 Creative And Personal Music

3 Musical Ear Tattoo

Feni,font,organ,sense,emotion, Source: Top 15 Musical Tattoo Designs

4 Creative and Personal

tattoo,arm,organ,mouth,sense, Source: 27 Creative And Personal Music

5 The Lion King "Hakuna Matata" Symbol

hair,black,black and white,white,monochrome photography, Source: 35 Wonderful Tattoos For Disney

6 Ankle Placement

footwear,white,shoe,sneakers,leg, Source: 27 Creative And Personal Music

7 Tiny Finger Tattoo

facial expression,face,nose,finger,photography, Source: 25+ Best Small Tattoo Styles

8 Music in Your Heart

color,tattoo,arm,skin,close up, Source: 27 Cool Music Tattoo Designs

9 Shoulder Tattoo

hair,black,white,black and white,photograph, Source: Awesome Or Cool Tattoos and

10 Music is the Sound of Life

tattoo,arm,pattern,art,design, Source: Unique Music Tattoo Design Ideas

11 Superb Treble Clef

tattoo,finger,leg,arm,skin, Source: 30 Superb Treble Clef Tattoo

12 Notes Taking Flight

white,black,font,drawing,sketch, Source: 26 Inspiring Tattoos All Music

13 Inspired by Sheet Music

tattoo,arm,hand,leg,human body, Source: 60 Awesome Music Tattoo Designs

14 Music is What Feelings Sound like

black and white,tattoo,monochrome photography,pattern,arm, Source: 40 Best Music Tattoo Designs

15 Finger Tune

black and white,finger,photography,close up,monochrome photography, Source: 27 Creative And Personal Music

16 Thigh Tattoo

tattoo,arm,finger,leg,hand, Source: Music Sheets and/or Notes

17 Inside the Ear

color,face,nose,red,photography, Source: 30 Clever Tattoos That Make

18 Music is the Heartbeat

tattoo,arm,leg,hand,pattern, Source: 27 Creative And Personal Music

19 White Ink

tattoo,nose,arm,skin,organ, Source: 50+ Brilliant White Ink Tattoos

20 Colorful Rib Tattoo

tattoo,arm,skin,organ,hand, Source: Arrows And Embers Custom Tattooing

21 Harmonious Music Tattoo for Cat Lovers

tattoo,face,nose,arm,skin, Source: 41 Harmonious Music Tattoo For

22 Floating Music Notes

black,white,face,black and white,nose, Source: 40 Best Music Tattoo Designs

23 Sheet Music

tattoo,arm,muscle,trunk,human body, Source: Musical Tattoos

24 For Piano Lovers

tattoo,arm,skin,leg,hand, Source: 27 Creative And Personal Music

25 Rock and Roll

tattoo,arm,pattern,design,leg, Source: 60 Awesome Music Tattoo Designs

26 On Your Wrist

leg,arm,finger,hand,tattoo, Source: 27 Creative And Personal Music

27 Music Note Believe Tattoo

finger,leg,nail,arm,skin, Source: 35 Inspirational Believe Tattoos

28 Tiny Treble Clef

face,nose,skin,arm,finger, Source: 74 Of The Tiniest, Most

29 Big Guitar

black,white,black and white,guitar,acoustic guitar, Source: Best Guitar Tattoo Designs

30 Watercolor Music Tattoo

tattoo,arm,flower,tattoo artist,human body, Source: Watercolor Tattoos

31 With a Blue Rose

tattoo,arm,pattern,hand,leg, Source: The 13 Coolest Tattoo Artists

32 Feeling the Blues

tattoo,arm,pattern,human body,trunk, Source: Musical Tattoos

33 Where Words Fail, Music Speaks

tattoo,arm,skin,hand,human body, Source: music on Tumblr

34 Black and White

tattoo,arm,tattoo artist,human body,chest, Source: 55+ Awesome Forearm Tattoos

35 Musical Dandelion Fluff

pattern,tattoo,arm,design,henna, Source: 27 Creative And Personal Music
Are you feeling the beat? Which of these tattoos do you love?

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