15 Fabulous Tattoo Artists to Check out on Instagram Now ...

By Sheila

15 Fabulous  Tattoo Artists  to Check out  on Instagram  Now ...

The world is divided into two people; those who love (and breathe) tattoos and those who absolutely cannot fathom the idea of such a commitment. Either way, there's no denying that tattoos are a work of art and an amazing form of self expression. Check out these tattoo artists and their inspiring work on Instagram.

Table of contents:

  1. @sashaunisex
  2. @dasha_sumtattoo
  3. @labottegadellarte
  4. @pissaro_tattoo
  5. @thedavidcote
  6. @tealeigh
  7. @lisaorth
  8. @mikeadamstattoo
  9. @evakrbdk
  10. @peteraurisch
  11. @alex_tabuns
  12. @suflanda
  13. @ira_shmarinova
  14. @xoxotattoo
  15. @leshalauz

1 @sashaunisex


Sasha is best known for her geometric watercolor tattoos of animals. So fun!

2 @dasha_sumtattoo


Dasha's tattoos are simple yet intricate and incredibly beautiful.

3 @labottegadellarte


La Bottega dell'Arte is a tattoo studio AND a vegan restaurant. How cool is that?! Priscila and Fernando are the masterminds behind this concept and the tattoo artists. I suppose four hands are better than two.

4 @pissaro_tattoo


Pis Saro's botanical tattoos are so dreamy and stunning!

5 @thedavidcote


David Côté's work is a vivid (and gorgeous) mix of dark and bright colors.

6 @tealeigh


Hand poked tattoos are back in style and Tea Leigh is certainly a master of this ancient tattoo form.

7 @lisaorth


Lisa Orth's mesmerizing black tattoos are like nothing you've ever seen before!

8 @mikeadamstattoo


Most of Mike Adams' tattoos look like they're charcoal paintings and that's what's amazing about them!

9 @evakrbdk


I can't even wrap my head around how Eva manages to fit in so many intricate details into miniature tattoos! Wow!

10 @peteraurisch


If abstract, quirky tattoos are your style, you will love Peter Aurisch.

11 @alex_tabuns


Based out of Saint-Petersburg, Russia, Alex Tabuns is another dotwork tattoo artist who is keeping this art form very much alive!

12 @suflanda


Susanne König is best known for her whimsical pieces that will win your heart.

13 @ira_shmarinova


Love feminine tattoos? Then you will absolutely love Ira's ethereal works of art.

14 @xoxotattoo


Melina Wendlandt is another tattoo artist known for her delicate linework tattoos.

15 @leshalauz


Colorful and eye-catching are the perfect words to describe Alexey's pixel and glitch tattoos.

Amazing, right? Who is your favorite tattoo artist?

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