15 Fabulous Tattoo Artists to Check out on Instagram Now ...


15 Fabulous Tattoo Artists to Check out on Instagram Now ...
15 Fabulous Tattoo Artists to Check out on Instagram Now ...

The world is divided into two people; those who love (and breathe) tattoos and those who absolutely cannot fathom the idea of such a commitment. Either way, there's no denying that tattoos are a work of art and an amazing form of self expression. Check out these tattoo artists and their inspiring work on Instagram.

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Sasha is best known for her geometric watercolor tattoos of animals. So fun!


Dasha's tattoos are simple yet intricate and incredibly beautiful.


La Bottega dell'Arte is a tattoo studio AND a vegan restaurant. How cool is that?! Priscila and Fernando are the masterminds behind this concept and the tattoo artists. I suppose four hands are better than two.


Pis Saro's botanical tattoos are so dreamy and stunning!


David Côté's work is a vivid (and gorgeous) mix of dark and bright colors.


Hand poked tattoos are back in style and Tea Leigh is certainly a master of this ancient tattoo form.


Lisa Orth's mesmerizing black tattoos are like nothing you've ever seen before!


Most of Mike Adams' tattoos look like they're charcoal paintings and that's what's amazing about them!


I can't even wrap my head around how Eva manages to fit in so many intricate details into miniature tattoos! Wow!


If abstract, quirky tattoos are your style, you will love Peter Aurisch.


Based out of Saint-Petersburg, Russia, Alex Tabuns is another dotwork tattoo artist who is keeping this art form very much alive!


Susanne König is best known for her whimsical pieces that will win your heart.


Love feminine tattoos? Then you will absolutely love Ira's ethereal works of art.


Melina Wendlandt is another tattoo artist known for her delicate linework tattoos.


Colorful and eye-catching are the perfect words to describe Alexey's pixel and glitch tattoos.

Amazing, right? Who is your favorite tattoo artist?

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