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The Best Beauty Brands on Instagram 2018 ...

By Deeceebee

Just how do you choose the best beauty brands on Instagram in 2018? There are so many and all of them claim to be as fabulous or more fabulous than the next. It’s easy to be swayed by gorgeous pictures and fancy words but you have to have something to work with before you decide to plunge in and buy. Besides the massive brands, there are some excellent smaller and lesser known labels definitely worth looking into. (BTW, if you want to see just who are the biggest beauty brands on Instagram, check out these statistics) Here are some of the best beauty brands on Instagram.

1 Morphe

If you are a fan of eye shadow palettes, you’re sure to love Morphe. Some of their palettes are truly larger than life and prices are really good too. For example, palettes with 35 shades for $23. Bargain! Add in the accessories like vegan makeup brushes and your makeup stash will be burgeoning with Morphe products.

2 Herbivore Botanicals

So often it’s the packaging that draws our eye, not just the gorgeous photograph. Herbivore Botanicals have mastered the art of a simple, classic design but still managing to make it say come buy me ‘cos you know I’m good for you. These are well-rounded products and only contain active ingredients. Every ingredient in the highly concentrated formulas is there to meet a purpose.

3 Ouai

This brand describes their products as “multi-use products in fancy packaging at a friendly price” which sounds great, doesn’t it. Ouai focus on hair care products and you’re sure to find something you and your hair will love. They have an excellent range of beach hair products as well as winter care products, so you’ll be all set for seasonal changes.

4 Rowsie Vain

If you like your beauty products to be organic, minimalist and raw, you won’t have any complaints about Rowsie Vain. There’s an earth-grown and au naturale approach to beauty and the range includes everything from bath soaks to body oils. They also sell a fabulous selection of vintage vanity wear.

5 Ofra Cosmetics

I don’t think you’ll ever see any makeup product presented so beautifully as the Ofra highlighters. They’re so good you’ll think it’s a crime to touch them. When you use them, you’ll find them to be buttery soft and gorgeous. But check out their full range too.

6 Winky Lux

We are used to new lipstick and gloss formulas being introduced to the market but other than the tubes, bottles and applicators, there isn’t much differentiation in the way lipsticks look. Until Winky Lux. Their Lipstick Pills are lovely to look at, but it is the Flower Balm lipstick that is revolutionary. Each Flower Balm lipstick contains an actual flower when applied to your lips, in a clear lipstick and when applied, the balm reacts with your body’s PH levels to create the perfect shade of pink.

7 Colourpop

How often do you see stunning pictures of fabulous looking products only to find the prices are way out of your league? Not so with Colourpop. This LA based brand (despite the UK spelling) is fast becoming a favorite thanks to its high-end products at low-end prices. But cheaper doesn’t mean a reduction in quality and the color ranges are great too.

8 Glossier

If you haven’t heard of Glossier yet, where have you been, and it’s probably time to check your Instagram feed. Glossier has caught the attention with their sleek and fun packaging but have backed it up with good products that are delivered with their maxim of “a beauty brand inspired by real life”. The Glossier range covers skincare, makeup, body care and fragrances.

9 Melt Cosmetics

You can’t get much more kudos as a cosmetic company than a direct connection with Rihanna. The founder of Melt Cosmetics used to do Rihanna’s makeup and is fast growing in popularity for its range of gorgeous products. You have to love the eyeshadows that come in stacks rather than palettes. The range of colors in all products is fab.

10 House of Lashes

Another company that has been taking the IG world of beauty a storm. House of Lashes now has 2.2 million followers. They have an amazing selection of false lashes and all the accessories for the best flutterers around. Easy to apply and comfortable to wear.

11 Formulary55

Formulary55 bring us a terrific range of vegan, cruelty-free, modern botanicals for the body and the home. One of its standouts is the homemade paper used for wrapping their beautiful crafted products. Another plus is there’s a men’s care range too.

12 Vintner’s Daughter

It is unusual that one brand with a single product can have such a big impact, but Vintner’s Daughter is showing how it can be done. The only product is an active botanical serum, a face oil made from the world’s most nutrient rich botanicals and essential oils. Yes, it is very expensive at $185 a bottle but there’s a small trial size for $35, if you can afford to splurge.

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