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The Best Subscription Boxes for Women of Color ...

By Heather

Subscription boxes are so huge right now that there's practically a subscription box for everything – pets, clothes, toys, games, food – but beauty boxes are the most popular. The problem is that most beauty boxes aren't really inclusive. Cosmetics and hair products aren't very versatile or varied – at least, that used to be the case. The good news? There are tons of subscription boxes tailored to women of color. To get you started, here's a stellar sampling!

1 Essence Beauty Box

Essence Beauty BoxGet it here:

An Essence box will get you five items every time, ranging from cosmetics, hair care, fragrances, and skincare products. At least one product in every box highlights an independent brand owned by a person of color. Best part? It's only $15 a month!

2 CurlKit

CurlKitGet it here:

CurlKit is made for coily, wavy, curly, and kinky hair, and comes with hairstyle inspo, tips for treatments, and general hair care advice. It's $25 a month, but you get 6-9 full and sample sized items, so that's kind of a steal!

3 Cocotique

CocotiqueGet it here:

For $20 per month, you can get an incredible Cocotique box, which includes 5-8 full or sample sized products for your hair and skin. If you really like something, you can visit the Cocotique shop and buy a full sized version!

4 Onyx Box

Onyx BoxGet it here:

Onyx is well known and beloved for its versatile, vibrant range of products, as well as the community and the movement surrounding it. For $20 a month, you get 4-6 hair, skin, and makeup products. The really awesome thing? The products are either full size or deluxe, plus the website has fantastic flash sales!

5 Coily Crate

Coily CrateGet it here:

Coily Crate is quarterly, so it's $41.99 every three months. You get a huge crate each time, though, beginning with a bunch of products from Created Coily.

6 KinkyKurls

KinkyKurlsGet it here:

As the name implies, this box is perfect for people with natural hair and coily or kinky curls! It's only $25 per month, which gets you 4-5 hair products in full sizes – to combat the fact that natural hair care products can be so expensive!

7 My Curls Understood

My Curls UnderstoodGet it here:

Here's another fab box for natural curls! They're tailored to your hair, too, because you fill out a questionnaire when you sign up. Then, for $26.99 a month, you get the products your curls actually need.

8 EssentialsBOXX

EssentialsBOXXGet it here:

For $25 per month, essentialsBOXX offers beauty products from a range of small businesses, brands owned by people of color, and beloved favorites. You get 4-6 products every month in deluxe or full sizes.

9 CurlBox

CurlBoxGet it here:

CurlBox is $20 a month and offers 5-7 products from both new and well loved brands. It might take some time to get on the list, but you'll get sample sizes and full sizes from a variety of products perfect for natural hair.

10 Color Grind

Color GrindGet it here:

Color Grind is all kinds of awesome! Each month, for $34.95, you get 4-6 products from businesses and brands owned by people of color. The products themselves are amazing, too, and include items from authors, winners from Shark Tank, Ted Talk superstars, and lots more!

11 Brown Girl Box

Brown Girl BoxGet it here:

Brown Girl Box is bi-monthly and only costs $30 every other month. You get at least four products that run the gamut between beauty items, health products, and accessories, plus there are topics for a Youth Masterclass, which is both inspiring and so helpful.

12 My Brown Box

My Brown BoxGet it here:

Firstly, love the name! Secondly, subscribers love the wide range of makeup and beauty items they receive each month, which couples well with their blog.

13 GlowwBox

GlowwBoxGet it here:

GlowwBox provides beauty and makeup products specifically designed for darker skin tones, so you'll always be able to find a match. Everything promises to be vivid, vibrant, and totally on trend! The best part is that you can get your first box at a super discount!

14 Beauty Box 5

Beauty Box 5Get it here:

Beauty Box 5 is a fab way to get sample sizes of amazing products at an affordable rate – it starts out at just $12 per month!

15 CurlMix

CurlMixGet it here:

CurlMix is so super! It's only $29.99 each month. In each box, you receive tons of natural ingredients, so you can get your DIY on and make up your very own hair care products!

16 Natural Hair Box

Natural Hair BoxGet it here:

The name says it all, right? This is THE box for ladies with natural hair looking for a collection of incredible products!

What do you say, ladies? Anyone going to be subscribing?

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