The Daintiest Spots for Girls Who Want a Small Tattoo ...


The Daintiest Spots for Girls Who Want a Small Tattoo ...
The Daintiest Spots for Girls Who Want a Small Tattoo ...

If you want to get inked, but don't want to get an elaborate design, there are plenty of spots on your body that will look flattering with a dainty tattoo. When it comes to ink, you don't have to go big or go home. A small tattoo can feel just as meaningful and look just as beautiful as a huge one. If you're trying to figure out which spot will work the best for you, here a few worthwhile ideas:

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Behind Your Ear

Behind Your Ear If you want a subtle tattoo, you can get it behind your ear. That way, it will only be visible when you want it to be seen. If you have your long hair down, no one will know that it exists (which makes it a great spot to get a tattoo if you have a job that frowns upon body modifications). However, whenever you want it to be seen, all you have to do is put your hair up into a bun or into a side ponytail.


The Side of Your Finger

The Side of Your Finger Bryan Cranston has a Breaking Bad tattoo on the inside of his pinkie finger, so that he can hide it easily. Demi Lovato has a cross on the side of her hand, which looks as cute as it does classy. However, since tattoos on your hands tend to be small and get touched frequently, it will probably fade quicker than tattoos on other areas of your body would.


On Your Wrist

On Your Wrist If you want a small tattoo, but you want everyone to see it, you should think about getting it on your wrist. It's a spot that's hard to miss, unless you have it covered up with bracelets and watches.


On Your Collarbone

On Your Collarbone A woman's collarbone is an elegant area. There's something about the spot that shows off her femininity. Whether you want to be tattooed with lyrics or a tiny design, this is a great spot to get your tattoo done. Of course, it might draw some attention to your cleavage, so be prepared for boys to stare.


On Your Hip

On Your Hip Your hip is the perfect place for a tattoo that you don't want anyone to see. It'll only be visible when you're in a bathing suit, your underwear, or in low-cut jeans and a crop top. It's about the hottest place you could get such a small tattoo, so if you're aiming to look sexy, try getting a dainty tattoo on your hip or even on the side of your breast.


The Side of Your Foot

The Side of Your Foot Your foot is a great place for a tiny tattoo. You can get a little design on the side of it, by your bone. You can get one by your toes. You could even get one on the bottom of your foot. There are countless options, all of which can be hidden or displayed with the right shoe.


The Back of Your Neck

The Back of Your Neck A tattoo on the back of your neck can be covered up with your hair, just like a tattoo behind the ear can be. If you only want your ink to be shown on special occasions, then this is a secretive place to put it.

If you want a tattoo that is dainty, think about getting them in one of these subtle places. How many tattoos do you have? How many do you plan on getting?

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Just looking at these makes me want to get a tattoo lol.

All the painful places!

I'm thinking of getting a small tattoo of my cousin's initials (he passed away a while ago) but I need to find a place that will hide it while being easily accessible for me to see… Ideas??

What an interesting post. I have been thinking of getting a tattoo... Or more like "daydreaming" about getting one, 😊 lol. This post offered some good tips.

Im about to become a lawyer and I want a place in a "secret" spot! Help!?

I have a tattoo in all of these places except for the finger and that's simply because I wash my hands to much. And honestly I don't think any of them hurt all that much.

I don't recommend getting a tattoo anywhere on your hand. I did when I was 18 and jobs are harder to get, even on the side of your finger. But a very good article. Also another good yet painful for me was the bicep.

Looks nice to look at but naaaaa not my thing

Nice article

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