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The Perfect First Date Beauty Routine ...

By Carly

sWhen you are getting ready to go out on a first date with someone new, there are about a million different things that go through your mind! You want to pick out the perfect outfit, you want to prepare some interesting topics of conversation, and you most definitely want to make sure that your makeup is on point! When it is a first date, there is a fine line that you want to walk between glamour and approachability; you don’t want to look too plain or scare him away by looking overly vampish! Here is the perfect first date beauty routine.

1 Skin Prep

Make sure you give yourself the best base possible by prepping your skin for the makeup and other products that you are about to put on it. All good looks start off with a good cleanse, and you can go one step further by popping on a brightening face mask to enhance that glow. Lastly, a good application of moisturiser and then you are ready for the next stage!

2 Prime

You need to prime the spots on your face where you want your makeup to last the longest, for example, applying some eye cream in order to ensure that your concealer doesn't get dry in that area. In fact, you should probably just apply a whole layer of primer in order to keep your foundation in place.

3 Application

The best thing to do is always apply your makeup earlier than you think you should, because any look always looks better when it has had time to settle in and rest properly. Make sure that you use a long wear foundation, a volumizing mascara, and a kiss-proof lipstick. Hopefully you’ll need to be putting your lips to the test at time point during the night!

4 Maintenance

Don’t expect to just apply your face the one time and then have it be perfect for the rest of the night. Always be ready to pop to the restroom and set or touch up with the help of some translucent powder to make sure that you don’t start to look dull or shiny. Also, a little dry shampoo is a great thing to revamp our hair before going out on a date!

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