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The Problem of Boob Sweat How to Deal ...

By Neecey

You love the summer. You love the sunshine. You love the hot days and the warm balmy evenings. What you don’t love is boob sweat. You love your boobs but you really could do without the discomfort and awkwardness of the sweaty areas where they rest against your body, and let’s not even mention the dread of sweat stains coming through your clothes. But, fret ye no more. There are things you can do to deal with boob sweat.

1 Use Special Boob Deodorant

You can’t be the only one who suffers from boob sweat because they actually make deodorants specifically for this problem. Some people think twice about putting deodorant under their boobs because they feel there are harmful chemicals or that the deodorant will leave an unsightly residue. However, products like Boobalicious, for example, can be all-natural. And, Boobalicious comes in all kinds of scents you don’t normally find in ordinary deodorants.

2 Use Spray Deodorant

The advantage to using spray deodorant is that you already know it works under your arms to control sweat, and using the spray form makes it easier to reach those curvy, hard-to-get places. Spray deodorant doesn’t cost as much as more specialized products and you can use the same product for anywhere on the body where you sweat, like around your boobs. Look for brands that don’t leave behind residue that could irritate delicate skin under and around the boob area. Be sure to look for brands that are all-natural if possible.

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3 Avoid Wearing Padded Bras

While padding provides extra support and the look of fuller breasts, they are like putting a heavy blanket over your boobs, so boobs sweat more. Padded bras do soak up the sweat better, but after a short while you’ll just have a moist, smelly bra even if your clothing is relatively dry. Wear unpadded bras if possible so your boobs can breath, and if you need the support go with underwires, at least when it’s hot.

4 Put Inserts into Your Bra

Panty liners work very well and you can stick them to the inside wall of your bra so they don’t move around. Plus, they prevent the sweat from getting on your skin because moisture is drawn into the pad. Any kind of absorbent pad will do, however panty liners are more compact and convenient. In a pinch women sometimes use paper towels or tissues, but usually these will eventually irritate the skin, and they may move around, dissolve, or need to be changed frequently. There are liners specifically made for bras that can be ordered online.

5 Use Argan Oil

Some women swear by this. A few drops under the boobs seem to stop the sweat. Some women have even said it stops the nasty sweat smell and the irritation as well. It makes sense because the oil will soothe irritation caused by moisture and friction, and argan oil is known to be antibacterial (sweat usually smells bad because of bacteria). So, while it’s an off-label use for the product, many women report great results.

6 Use a Powder

We pat babies’ behinds with powder to deal with the wetness and irritation, so it’s logical it should work under your boobs, right? Many women say baby powder, Gold Bond powder or even cornstarch helps them feel dry and fresh under their boobs. It should probably be reserved for emergency use or one-time applications though, because using it too often throughout the day can leave a cakey mess when overused. This can be both uncomfortable and embarrassing, so use sparingly.

7 Wear Dark Colors or Bold Patterns

This method attacks the problem from a different angle. Since boob sweat is more visible on certain kinds and colors of fabrics, simply choose the colors and materials that don’t show it on days when you know it will be particularly hot. This doesn’t help with the sweating or the smell, but it will help with the embarrassment. If used in combination with one of the other methods, no one will even know you broke a sweat!

I hope this has helped. Please tell us other ways to deal with boob sweat that you know.

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