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Don’t you love the look of beautiful legs? If you want your legs to look that way, this article tells you how. These little tips make a big difference. You’ll be so excited to show off your legs that you just may decide shorts and skirts are your new best friends.

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Tone Them with Exercise

Exercise is good for your body and getting pretty legs is only one benefit. Exercise will tone your legs up so that you’ve got beautifully defined calves. Your legs will thank you for your efforts to get in shape every time you look in the mirror. Many types of exercise will give you great results but it doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Going for a brisk walk most days of the week can even give your legs definition.


Insist on an Incredibly Close Shave

I love the feel of a close shave! But it isn’t always easy to achieve. The best way to get a close shave is not to settle when it comes to your razor. I know that it’s tempting and you just want to save a few bucks but you’re worth the extra. Buy the razor that gives your legs the closest shave. Another benefit of insisting on quality razors is that you’ll have to shave less often.


Deal with Razor Bumps and Burn by Treating It like Acne

Razor bumps and burn are the pits. I’ve unfortunately dealt with both of them at times. The best solution is to prevent them by always using shaving cream or shave gel. But if you’ve already got them, perhaps in spite of your best efforts not to, there are things you can do to clear them up. Treat them like acne and apply an astringent or acne treatment gel and you’ll notice they disappear very quickly.


Lotion is the Magic Potion

If lotion isn’t part of your daily routine, it should be. It makes your skin soft and smooth as well as making it smell divine. Lotion makes your legs feel wonderful. They’ll feel silky soft as well as look it. There’ll be no more fearing what your boyfriend is thinking when he touches them.


Let Baby Oil Add Some Shine

My baby sister shared this little secret with me and it’s truly magical. A bit of baby oil will go far in giving you leg magic. It adds a beautiful shine that makes your legs look enticing. It may not be a trick you want to use every day but when you want to do a little something extra to make your legs look gorgeous, this is it. Don’t be surprised if your man can’t keep his eyes of off them.


Show Them off

Don’t be afraid to show off your legs! Of course, this should be in whatever ways you’re comfortable with, but there are several options in how to do this. Shorts, dresses, a mini skirt or other length skirt are all good options. If you’re home with your sweetie, sexy little pajamas are a nice choice. Who knew lacy boxers could do so much for your legs?


High Heels do for Legs What Mascara Does for Lashes

High heels are for your legs what mascara is for your lashes. It’s a way to showcase them in the best way possible. High heels make your legs look hot because they place them at an angle that shows your muscle tone beautifully. They also add height, making you look tall and lean. You don’t have to wear stilettos, though! Any heel you’re comfortable is fine.

These are 7 tips to having beautiful legs. Which tips do you plan to try? And please share your tips for making your legs look their best!

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Hey there ??

My legs r ugly.

@wendy aw thanks.

Baby oil will keep your razor sharp longer & rust free!!!! Put on q-tip or cotton ball & wipe across blade, that's it!!

Your guys' spelling is all messed up!

This app use to be so useful, all that's on here is makeup , working out, nothing more . I don't see the same writers anymore. I tried but its boring as hell ... I miss how it use to be ... Deleting it :(

Microdermabrasion ! Increase the blood flow to your lymph nodes and to your skin by rubbing one on in the shower. Seriously you will love me. Any exfoliant does the trick as well but microdermabrasion twice a week is the best!

Good tips

We have legs for a purpose. Respect them as one day something bad might happen and you could lose them. They are very important so cherish them and keep them healthy! And stop hating them, they don't help you move for you to hate them so much.

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