Tips for Caring for Eyelash Extensions without Ruining Your Own ...


Tips for Caring for Eyelash Extensions without Ruining Your Own ...
Tips for Caring for Eyelash Extensions without Ruining Your Own ...

Eyelash extensions have been trending for years now, promising a mascara look with no mascara. (Who doesn't want to wake up looking flawless?!) But are eyelash extensions actually causing more harm than good? If you use them, you need these tips for caring for eyelash extensions.

While safe healthy eyelash extensions are absolutely possible, some extensions will weigh down and damage your natural eyelashes. To avoid this disaster, choose an experienced professional and follow these tips for caring for eyelash extensions.

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The Skill Level of Lash Extension Technicians Varies Drastically

One of the best tips for caring for eyelash extensions is to have them applied by the right person. While all lash extension technicians in the U.S must be licensed beauticians, the level of training specifically in lash extension application is not regulated at all. Salons with high standards may require several weeks of training or apprenticing before allowing a technician to perform on clients. Be wary of having lash extensions applied at nail salons, or other boutiques that put their focus on beauty services other than eyelashes. Eyelash extension application is a specialty skill, and the best technicians are applying lashes day in and day out.


One Size Does NOT Fit All

Expert eyelash professionals know that each individual has different eyes and different natural eyelashes. While all eyelashes can be enhanced, the look should be customized for the best outcome. To keep natural eyelashes healthy, your technician will carefully hand select the appropriately sized extension that's right for you. Over time, applying heavy, oversized extensions is likely to cause breaking and damage to the natural eyelash.


Not All Lash Extensions Are Created Equal

Like everything, you pay for what you get. The quality of lash extensions and specialty lash extension adhesives is of the utmost importance. If your technician is using low quality products during your lash extension applications, your eyelashes may be negatively impacted. Like many things in life, "cheap" products simply don't work as well! Check with your lash extension technician and make sure that the products used are top grade.


Hygiene and Cleanliness is of Utmost Importance

Be sure that the salon you're visiting is clean and tidy. Remember that your eye area is being handled, and risk for infection could be potentially high if your technician's hands and tools are not clean. As a safety protocol, all tools should be completely sterilized between each application. Get a feel for the hygiene of the salon by looking around before your service.


Do Your Homework

You would never buy a car without taking it for a test drive. The same considerations should be taken towards getting lash extensions. Review salons on Yelp and ask your friends and coworkers for references. Most lash technicians offer free consultations where you can meet, ask questions, and get a sneak peek into the salon.


Arrive to Your Appointment in a Relaxed State

While the lash extension application process is very relaxing, some clients may be jumpy due to nerves or outside stress. Be sure to skip caffeine on the day of your lash appointment so you can stay calm and zen. Too much coffee may cause the eyes to twitch, which can slow down or distract your technician.


Follow Aftercare Rules

Your lash extension technician will provide you with written or verbal aftercare rules, such as avoiding water for several hours and refraining from rubbing your eyes. Eye infections like blepharitis can be caused when proper eyelash cleaning is not performed regularly at home. For the best results, be sure to abide by your technician's recommendations. If you're unsure or need further clarification, don't hesitate to call and ask your professional.

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