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Pro Tips to Growing Long Gorgeous Lashes ...

By Kirsten

Looking for tips on how to grow your eyelashes to Disney princess lengths? From DIY eyelash serums to tried-and-tested store-bought products, we share fool-proof ways to grow long, fluttery lashes. Here are the best tips on how to grow your eyelashes.

1 Castor Oil

Castor oil is one of the most surprising tips on how to grow your eyelashes. A bargain-beauty junkies dream, a bottle of castor oil can cost you as little as a few dollars and will help you grow long strong, lush lashes. Check out reviews on Makeup Alley, a popular beauty-review website, where the product has consistently been given 5 stars for its eyelash boosting powers.

2 Take off Your Mascara Gently

If you dream of long lashes, then be extra gentle when taking off your eye makeup. Use an oil-based cleanser and apply to the lashes with clean fingers or a cotton pad and leave the oil to soak in and work its magic for fives minutes. Giving an oil-based eye makeup remover the time to dissolve your eye-makeup will make it easier to remove your mascara gently.

Massage your cleanser gently into your lashes and carefully wipe the product away. Rubbing your lashes too vigorously will lead to the loss of lashes and will take you further away from your goal of long, full eyelashes.

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3 If You Can’t Make It, Fake It

If you used our above tips and you’re still daydreaming about sky-high lashes then make sure you have a fabulous mascara and a killer set of falsies at your disposal. Our favourites are by MAC and Ardell.

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