Tips for How to Be More Feminine and Still Be Yourself ...


Tips for How to Be More Feminine and Still Be Yourself ...
Tips for How to Be More Feminine and Still Be Yourself ...

Need some tips for how to be feminine? Are you a natural tomboy who tends to aim for a more neutral or even androgynous kind of look? First, the important thing to say is that rocks and is totally cool. In fact, your tomboyish edge is right in line with the fashion trends that are coming up in 2018, so you are poised nicely to have a great year fashion wise! However, if you are a tomboy who is looking for some ways to unleash your feminine side, or introduce some more elements of femininity in to your lifestyle and fashion and way that you carry yourself, then there are a few simple things that you can do. If it is something that has been on your mind of late, here are some tips for how to be feminine.

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Be Confident

human hair color, blond, girl, socialite, long hair, When you are confident, more of your natural beauty comes to the forefront, and your femininity will start to shine through. It’s not necessarily about doing your hair or wearing heels, it’s more of a psychological exercise to let yourself go and let your guard down. This is one of the best tips for how to be feminine.



toy, barbie, Give yourself some time off from being strict and let yourself indulge for a night! This can be in the form of many different things, from enjoying some delicious chocolates to visiting a spa. You will feel more at peace with yourself, and in turn, more womanly.


Dress up

boutique, fashion, socialite, wardrobe stylist, girl, Though it’s what on the inside that counts more, there is no harm in getting dolled up in order to try to persuade your feminine side to come out! If you don’t usually dress in a ‘girly’ way or never wear makeup, do a little experiment and see if you unleash a part of yourself that you haven’t yet discovered.


Be Nice

hair, blond, human hair color, glasses, vision care, Try to show more warmth in your everyday dealings with people, it will show a softer side to you that will certainly be seen by others as a more feminine angle. In turn, you will find yourself being treated with more chivalry by others!


Wear Makeup

pink, skin, beauty, fashion, petal, Don’t be scared of makeup if you have never really worn it. We don’t all have to look like RuPaul to achieve femininity! Go down to your local department store and ask for some expert advice. Makeup might be ‘fake’, but there’s no denying that it can make you feel like a million dollars!


Be Approachable

photograph, person, black and white, beauty, photography, It’s not necessarily right, but women who are more standoffish and ‘scary’ are often seen as less feminine than women who are more approachable and open and friendly. Do your own experiment and try to act in a different way to see if you have a different impact on people.


Pamper Yourself

girl, shoulder, black hair, product, long hair, Make yourself feel like a queen by treating yourself like a queen! Organise some serious pampering, and with beautiful hair, smooth skin and beautifully done nails, you will definitely feel more feminine!


Stay in Shape

joint, shoulder, leg, standing, physical fitness, Some people lose their feelings of femininity if they get out of shape. Do your best to exercise and eat well and you will have a body that you are confident with and happy to showcase at the right times.


Avoid Boy Cuts

hair, human hair color, blond, girl, long hair, Short hair is beautiful, but in order to find your femininity, you should try to avoid some of the more severe boy cuts that you see on other people. Go for something slightly longer and slightly softer.


Cut out Curse Words

pink, product, socialite, hair coloring, brown hair, Commit to trying to cut out some of the more vulgar words that might have found their way into your everyday vocabulary. There is always a time and a place for cursing, but you might feel more feminine if you try to use nicer language more regularly!

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