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Video Guide for 10 Ways to Instantly Look Prettier ...

By Leiann

Do you ever just feel ugly? Maybe, a self-image problem? Then, Shea Whitney has come to the rescue! With her video, she has tips on little things that you can do to improve your looks.

Published on Jul 5, 2018

The best?

I think her best tip was the castor oil trick. Personally, my eyelashes are few. What a cheap method, as castor oil may be bought at the local dollar store.

Eye solution seems easy. We could use this tip after a night of no rest. Also, how about before a date?

The difficult?

Often, I cannot get the lip liner thing going. I doubt if I could get the eyeshadow hair line method straight.


I do think that all of her tips are useful and definitely would make you more beautiful than you already are!

Look in the mirror and say "I'm worth it"!

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