9 Tips on How to Get Glowing Skin ...


9 Tips on How to Get Glowing Skin ...
9 Tips on How to Get Glowing Skin ...

How To Get Glowing Skin, skin that looks and feels healthy? Yes, I know – it’s hard to get glowing skin when you’re constantly stressed, constantly in a hurry, spending your days in air-conditioned spaces with thousands of tiny germs and molecules of dirt attacking you from all corners. Fear not because there are ways to get radiant skin and although some are way simpler than others, it would be best if you would try to take them all into account. And here are 9 best strategies to consider:

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Splash Some Water

A cool splash will wake you up, help ward off that morning puffiness and increase the circulation which, as we all know, results in firmer, brighter skin! But this is not the only way to get glowing skin! In fact, you are more than welcome to repeat this process a few more times during the day, especially in summer when our skin craves moisture!

Pro Tip: Visit your local beauty supply store and get a very practical, easy to use can of mineral water spray to have on the go!



Next on my list of tips on how to get glowing skin is an easy-to-say-not-so-easy-to-do suggestion you’ll probably hate me for! Yup, I know –living a carefree life in a modern not-so-carefree world isn’t exactly an easy task but you’ll be glad to know that employing your favorite anti-stress strategies or at least trying to stick to your New Year’s resolution will prove to be rewarding both in terms of general health and beauty!

Pro Tip: Turn your phone off while enjoying your moments of freedom!


Eat Right

Balanced diet that includes good fats as well as foods rich in minerals, proteins and antioxidants will help you get glowing skin while managing to keep your weight under control. Don’t starve yourself- that won’t help you get radiant skin but cause it to become dull and flaky instead!

Pro Tip: Tuna fish salad makes a wonderful both light and skin-friendly meal!


Stick to Your Skin Care Routine

Cleansing, moisturizing, exfoliating, hydrating… Now raise your had if you too tend to get a bit lazy from time to time. Yup, I believe every girl has experienced those moments in which she is too tired, too bored, too busy or even too drunk to carefully remove all makeup or use those by-the-book motions when rubbing in night cream! Well, if you want to get glowing skin, free of blackheads and breakouts, you will have to force yourself to find less excuses and more reasons to use those five extra minutes doing all those things that will help your skin remain healthy. And, remember- skin regenerates overnight which means that falling asleep with your party makeup still on means denying your face that much-needed rest!

Pro Tip: Keep your SOS cleansing kit close by so and you wouldn’t be able to find an excuse for postponing any care your skin is entitled to.



Still wondering how to get glowing skin? Well, let me just say that unclogging pores and removing dead skin cells using your preferred exfoliating gel is a good place to start! Grime, dirt, dead cells – all of these icky things need to go off so that fresh, rosy, healthy skin can be exposed, enjoyed and admired!

Pro Tip: Throw in a good peel-off mask or a pore-cleanser treatment and you’ll be able to shrink even the biggest, deepest of pores!



Failing to enjoy your much-needed rest will take a toll on your skin, causing it to become dull, lifeless and dry! Continue with that sleep deprivation and it won’t be long before you notice that you appear older. Our cells need a good-night sleep to repair themselves so try to either sleep more or time your night rest while keeping in mind the optimal skin-renewal hours (22:00 – 08:00).

Pro Tip: As strange it sounds hitting the sheets an hour before midnight and sleeping 6 hours is actually better than doing so an hour after midnight.


Give Honey Mask a Shot

This quick, easy and totally natural mask will help you get radiating skin in no time and since it requires nothing but what you already have in your pantry (honey), it’s actually very budget friendly as well. Simply apply regular honey on your face and let it sit for about 10-15 minutes. Rinse off and you’ll notice that your skin looks much healthier and feels unbelievably soft!

Pro Tip: Raw honey is a wonderful scrub as well!


Use a Light Foundation

Avoiding orangey or yellowish foundations is often listed as one of the answers on how to get glowing skin. I personally don’t agree because a light orangey tone seems to work perfectly for my skin while pinkish foundation often makes me look like a corpse. My advice would be to find the shade that matches your skin-tone and avoid plastering yourself with heavy foundations – choose a light version that can be applied on daily basis!

Pro Tip: Apply the tips and tricks mentioned above to get glowing skin you won’t need to cover up too much.



Exercise burns calories, it helps your body dispose of toxins much faster, it improves the circulation of blood in your body and is one of the best tips on how to get glowing skin! You don’t have to overwork your muscles or pay hefty gym membership fees – simply walk instead of driving whenever you can, re-discover your inner child by riding a bicycle on weekends or let your dear pet take you for a refreshing morning jog!

Pro Tip: Drink plenty of water while exercising to flush out toxins faster, replenish all those lost fluids and get glowing skin!

Relax, you don’t have to turn your life upside down in a day –take it slow and allow yourself to adopt one little life-changing habit at the time! Now you know how to get glowing skin that doesn’t only look healthy but IS healthy and I’m sure you can do it! So, tell me, ladies – which one of these tips are you going to employ to get glowing skin you’ve always dreamed of?

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Just in case someone was wondering, you should TRY and drink 7 or 8 glasses of water a day. It seems like A LOT (and at first it will be and you will need to go to the bathroom every 5 minutes) but your skin will be so much more clear, and your whole life will seem so much better. :] Good Luck Girlies ! ♥

I guess you could also check out bubzbeauty on YouTube. Go to her DIY tutorials and she'll show you different masks which in this case actually works!!

The model looks great! ... if only i could have skin and hair like that

Also, wash your face with oats. It makes your skin super soft and bright. WARNING! Can get a little messy! And make sure you grab a handful of oats in your hand and wet them first.

Omg I love that girls hair! How do I get my hair like that?!

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