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7 Tips on How to Wear Matte Lips This Season ...

By Megan

Interested in tips on how to wear matte lips this season? Pretty pouts are the center of attention with beauty standouts like the matte lip shining in the forefront right now. Adding a matte lip into your beauty regime this season means extra prep and care, which is why these tips for wearing matte lips will have you picture perfect in a matter of minutes. For flawless application, follow these 7 tips and learn how to wear matte lips this season to get you pucker ready.

Table of contents:

  1. Exfoliate
  2. Moisturize
  3. Conceal
  4. Line your lips
  5. Use a brush
  6. Clean up
  7. Blot

1 Exfoliate

This is one of the most essential tips on how to wear matte lips this season. Prep your lips for matte lipstick by exfoliating with a lip scrub. Matte lipstick tends to be unforgiving and can show every flaw on your lips. By exfoliating your lips you can remove any dead or peeling skin for soft and smooth lips that will let your lipstick glide on easily.

2 Moisturize

After you’ve exfoliated your lips, prime them with a moisturizing lip balm or primer to avoid chapped lips and to keep your matte lipstick looking fresh and not dried out. Avoid any moisturizers with alcohol in them as they can dry out your lips and create the appearance of caked on lips. Moisturizing is a vital tip on how to wear matte lips this season so make note!

3 Conceal

Apply a lip concealer to your pretty pout if you want to wear a muted or nude matte lip this season. A lip concealer gives matte lipstick the clean and fresh blank slate it needs to work its magic. Using a lip concealer also helps matte lipstick keep its true shade for a bold and vivid standout lip this season. Only apply a sheer layer to let the bold color pop and to avoid diluting your matte lipstick color.

4 Line Your Lips

Line and fill your lips with lip liner before applying matte lipstick. Applying a lip liner helps to create even and well distributed color across your lips for maximum color and coverage. Find a lip liner in the same shade as your matte lipstick to keep your lips looking natural and fresh.

5 Use a Brush

For ultimate precision and even coverage, use a lip brush when applying matte color to your lips. Matte lipstick doesn’t have any moisturizing elements so rubbing your lips together will not distribute enough of the color evenly across your lips. By applying your matte lipstick with a lip brush you are ensuring sharp and precise coverage to all corners of your pout.

6 Clean up

The best tips on how to wear matte lips involve keeping the lipstick clean and precise. Matte lipstick can show every imperfection and flaw, which is why it can be such a difficult type of lipstick to wear. Taking the extra time to inspect your pout and clean up any uneven edges or mistakes can help enhance your perfect matte pout. Use Q-tips to clean up those tricky edges around your lips and also to keep your lip outline appearing natural.

7 Blot

Because of its lack of moisture, matte lipstick can appear cakey and dry, especially after a few coats and applications throughout the day. To avoid this look, lightly blot your lips throughout the day with a tissue or blotting paper whenever reapplying. Try using a blotting paper if possible, as tissue can sometimes leave pieces behind, which will just add to your lips caked look.

Get your lips pucker-ready and master this precision pout with these tips on how to wear matte lips this season. To pull off a luscious matte lip, take the time before beginning your beauty routine to prep your pout for flawless application and coverage. Would you wear a matte lip this season? What are some of your tips for wearing matte lipstick?

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