7 Tips to Avoid Embarrassing Sweat Stains This Summer ...


We all sweat, but we don't want anyone to see proof of it. When there are sweat stains on our shirts, we'll refuse to raise our arms or make any sudden movements that'll show the world our armpits. However, we shouldn't spend our entire summer worrying about our underarms. In order to avoid the stress, here are a few tips to avoid embarrassing sweat stains this summer:

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Wear an Undershirt or Extra Layer

You should wear an undershirt or an extra layer of clothing if you want to avoid sweat stains. Just make sure that the layers aren't too thick, or they'll actually end up making you hotter, which will cause you to sweat even more than usual. However, if you wear light material, it'll block your sweat from seeping through your outer layer.


Let Deodorant Dry before Getting Fully Dressed

You might not actually have sweat stains, but always end up with stains from your deodorant. In order to avoid this, all you have to do is walk around in your bra for a while after applying the product. Once it's completely dry, you can finally put on your shirt. Otherwise, the product might rub off and leave some embarrassing stains.


Wear Loose Fitting Clothes

The tighter your clothes are, the higher your chances are of sweating through them. Try wearing some light materials that are loose on your skin. Cotton works the best, so if you can find something cute made of the material, never let it go. Unfortunately, summer is not the time for leather skinny jeans, so save your rocker outfits for the fall when they'll fit the weather.


Eat Healthy and Exercise More Often

Unhealthy individuals are going to sweat more. So if you're utterly out of shape, exercise more often in order to build your tolerance. It also helps to eat healthier. Once you're fit, you shouldn't break a sweat walking up a short flight of stairs anymore. Life will be a lot easier.


Wear the Right Colors

If you know that you're going to end up with sweat stains, wear a color that won't show them as clearly. You want to stay away from bright colors that'll make your stains more visible. Instead, you should stick to super dark colors like black, or super light ones like white.

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Avoid Thick Socks and Hats

If it's hot out, you don't want to make yourself even hotter. That means you should avoid wearing any thick hats or socks. Even the smallest piece of clothing can raise your body heat and cause you to sweat way more. So make sure you check the weather before you leave the house and dress accordingly.


Bring an Extra Shirt to Change into

Stuff an extra shirt into your pocketbook, just in case. You probably don't want to change it if you're sitting in one place all day, because people will question you. But if you're planning on running from work to your boyfriend's house, you can change in between locations and no one will know the difference.

We all sweat, but we don't want anyone to see us do it. For some reason, it's one of our more embarrassing bodily functions. What other tips do you have for hiding sweat stains?

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Hmmm... Must try these even though I don't sweat as much under my armpits is where most of it does happen so I gotta try the deodorant theory!

Stupid keyboard and acrylic nails! The medical term for excessive sweating is hyperhydrosis! Spellcheck!

Sic excessive sweating is called hyperhydrodis

If you have sweat stains on your shirts, you can soak them in a big tub of vinegar. I usually just throw my boys shirts in there, slap a lid on it and leave them until it's time to do laundry.

What's with the baking soda and lemon cover?

Excessive sweating is called hyerhydrosis, and you may need a doctor's prescription for medicated antiperspirants like Xerac and Drysol.

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