7 Tweaks That'll Make Your Glasses Look More Stylish ...


There's nothing wrong with wearing glasses. No one thinks that they're nerdy anymore. Now, ladies in glasses are considered sexy. Of course, some of us are still self-conscious about the way that we look in spectacles. If that's how you feel, here are a few tweaks that'll make your glasses look more stylish than ever before:

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Buy Magnetic Eyewear Clip-ons

Buy Magnetic Eyewear Clip-ons There are certain glasses that you can buy that have little magnets on them. Why? So you can place different frames on them. One day, it'll look like you have black glasses, and the next day it'll look like you have red glasses. That way, you can match your glasses to your outfit every single day.


Show off the Designs You Adore

Show off the Designs You Adore You bought your particular pair of glasses for a reason. If you love the designs on the side, then make sure you keep your hair behind your ears, so everyone can see them. If you like the top of the frames, then keep your bangs cut short enough so that the design is visible. Don't hide your glasses away. Show them off!


Wear Them on the Right Spot

Boys think glasses are sexy. If you look up at him over your frames, you'll drive him crazy. However, that doesn't mean that you should keep your glasses low on your face. You don't want them at the bottom, or even on the middle, or your nose. Keep them up where they belong, and if they always slide, get them fitted.


Keep Them Clean

Keep Them Clean You don't want to walk around with dirty glasses on. If you do, then it'll be hard for everyone to see your gorgeous eyes through the glass. That's why you should always keep cleaning wipes with you. That way, whenever you get a smudge on the lenses, you'll be able to fix them right up without a problem.


Add an Eyeglass Chain

Add an Eyeglass Chain There are chains that you can connect to your glasses, so that you can let them dangle around your neck. Yes, it sounds like something that an old lady would wear. However, grey hair is something that used to be reserved for old ladies, and now young women everywhere are rocking the trend.


Create Better Eye Makeup and Brows

Create Better Eye Makeup and Brows Your glasses are going to draw attention to your eyes. That's why you should pay extra attention to your eye makeup and eyebrows when you're wearing glasses. Look up tutorials on YouTube and experiment in front of your bathroom mirror. You won't know what looks the best until you test out as many different looks as you can.


Pick the Right Frames for Your Face Shape

Pick the Right Frames for Your Face Shape Different women look good in different glasses. If you have a square face, then you should wear rounded glasses. If you have an oval face, then you should wear rectangular glasses. Of course, you should also take the size of your forehead and nose into consideration. Try on different pairs of glasses and stick with the one that draws attention away from your flaws and toward your strengths.

Your glasses don't have to be a nuisance. They can be a fashion statement. What other tweaks have you made to your glasses to make them look more stylish?

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Love this article! I am super self-conscious about my glasses because I was teased for wearing them in high school. When I started college I bought a pink pair that I adored... Yet I still don't wear them because I still feel self-conscious. This honestly really helped me decide that I want to start wearing my glasses again

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