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Shaving is probably the most tried and true method of removing hair from your legs, armpits and bikini area. But is it your only choice? Certainly not! There are a multitude of ways you can get rid of hair, either temporarily or more long term. While all of these choices might not be the right one for you, it can’t hurt to give them all a try and see if you can find an alternative to the razor and the cream. Here’s what you have to choose from.

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Tweezing is Great for Small Areas

Obviously you aren’t going to tweeze your legs or armpits, but this method is fast and easy for smaller areas of your body. It’s great for your lip area and your eyebrows and all you need is a good pair of sharp tweezers. Tweezing is great for maintenance between your spa appointments and is probably one of the easiest things you can do.


Waxing is Something That Works All over Your Body

Waxing is a little more long term than shaving because it essentially removes the hair at the root rather than simply shearing it off at the surface of your skin. It’s not permanent, but it will last longer than shaving. You can wax most areas of your body, including your legs, armpits, eyebrows, chin, lip area and armpits. If you’ve never waxed before, have it done at a salon so you know how it works before you try to wax yourself at home.


Think about Getting Lasered

Hair removal via laser involves using a very strong beam of light to kill the root of each of your hairs. This method is one of your best bets if you want something pretty permanent. You’ll have to have several treatments to finish the procedure and you may need occasional touchups, but laser hair removal will last for quite a while. Because there’s the risk of burns, be sure you have a certified tech do the job for you.


Electrolysis is Something to Think about

You’ve probably heard about electrolysis on television or at your dermatologist’s office. It’s one of the more permanent hair removal methods and I think you’ll like what it can do for you. It works by using an electric current to kill the roots of your hair follicles. Most experts say this method should be reserved for small areas on your body, like your eyebrows.


Check out the Hair Removal Creams at the Drugstore

There are several companies that sell over the counter creams that are marketed to help get rid of unwanted hair. It takes at least a couple of days for the creams to work, but they will eventually dissolve the proteins in your hair, helping each fall out. These products are best for areas like your legs or armpits and most are not recommended for use on your face.


Prescription Creams Are a Bit More Intense

Over the counter creams not doing it for you? You may need something stronger, which you can get by prescription from your dermatologist. One thing to note though is that these creams don’t actually remove hair. They simply soften it so it isn’t as noticeable and so that it’s easier to get rid of by shaving or waxing.


You Might Want to Consider Hormone Therapy

If you have excess hair growth that can be blamed on a certain hormonal health condition, your doctor may recommend birth control pills to reverse the issue. Never do this without express approval by your doctor.

What’s your favorite way to remove unwanted hair?

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You guys, these really do work. AHHHH!!!! Check it out!

Does the laser hair removal really works? Does it leave a burn or will leave a mark on your skin forever?

I would not mind trying waxing.

I really want laser hair removal

Yes laser really does work. There's a little bit of pain involved and your skin may look sunburnt for a few days but I think it's worth it.

why are we so afraid to say mustache lmao I remember when I was lil I was confused as to why lip wax or lip creams to remove hair exist, we don't grow hair ON our lips??? the confusion was real it's a mustache ! Big deal

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