Amazing Ways to Use Vaseline ...


Amazing Ways to Use Vaseline ...
Amazing Ways to Use Vaseline ...

You've got to love Vaseline! And if you don't Erin gives you 21 reasons why you should. Thanks Erin!

I have been using Vaseline (petroleum jelly) for a while, although it took me a while to realize Vaseline can be used for more than just your face. Vaseline is sold at drug stores everywhere and it is one of the cheapest products on the shelves! So here are 21 fabulous ways you can use this amazing product

Use 1. Long-Lasting Perfume
Taking a little bit of Vaseline and applying it to the skin before you apply your perfume will help the scent last much longer compared to applying it without.

Use 2. Control Them Brows
Put some Vaseline on your fingertips and run it along your brow or any spot that has uncontrolled hair. It will tame them instantly.

Use 3. Chapped Lips
Vaseline is one of the best moisturisers and really does act as a great lip balm. Buy a little tub to carry around in your bag for those times where your lips need to be cared for. I always apply some before I go to bed, and I swear, it makes a huge difference!

Use 4. Long, Full Lashes
Growing up with a sister with such long, gorgeous eyelashes, I have always wanted them.Take an old mascara brush, wash it clean and cover it in vaseline. Make sure you have no make-up on and apply it to your lashes just as you would with mascara. Do this on the days where you plan to just be lazy at home or lay in bed. I have been doing this for a while and the difference is amazing!

Use 5. Emergency Make-up
Just used the last of your eye-shadow, lipstick, or blush? Don't worry, just take some food-colouring or an old lipstick shade and in a container mix some in with vaseline. Add more depending on how dramatic you want the colour. Then just apply it to the desired area.

Use 6. Soft Feet
Before bed put some vaseline on your feet and put some socks on. You'll wake up in the morning with smoother feet.

Use 7. Chocolate Lip-Gloss
Take one chocolate chip and some vaseline and put them in the microwave until the chocolate chip is melted. Tada! Your own chocolate lip-gloss!

Use 8. Bye Bye Stubborn Make-up
Vaseline can remove even some of the most stubborn make-up! Just rub the area until it comes off then wash it off your face.

Use 9. Protects and Repairs Skin
Ever get frostbite from a chilly walk outside? Apply some vaseline to the area and it will help to soothe and relieve pain.

Use 10. After Shave
After you shave, apply some vaseline to the area and it can help to smooth and soothe the skin

Use 11. Stuck Ring
Rub vaseline on the finger which your ring is stuck and it will help ease the ring off.

Use 12. New Ink?
Vaseline when applied to the newly inked area can help the healing process as well as protect it.

Use 13. Split Ends
Split ends can be quite noticeable depending on how long it has been since a trim. To hide them take a small amount of vaseline and apply to the ends of your hair.

Use 14. Make-up Stains
Got some lipstick on your new white top? Don't worry! Rub some vaseline on the area and it should come out in a jiffy.

Use 15. Eyelash Glue
Eyelash glue can be difficult to get off especially after being set the whole day. Take some vaseline and rub along the lash line for easy removal.

Use 16. Dry Cuticles
Vaseline helps to revive dry or damaged cuticles.

Use 17. Hair Dye Stains
Most women dye their hair from time to time. The colour may look great but what you don't want is the dye dying your forehead or around your hairline. Apply vaseline before you begin so your hair looks great and your skin stays free of dye!

Use 18. Spray Tan Streaks
Spray tanning looks great when done right but its hard to avoid those streaks. Rub vaseline on the spots you find most prone to streaks.

Use 19. Inserting Earrings
To those that still find it painful or are changing their earrings for the first time, vaseline helps to make earring insertion easy and pain-free! This goes for any piercings, not just ears!

Use 20. Gum Stuck in Your Hair?
Rub vaseline in the area where the gum is stuck and it'll slide right off. Do this right after the gum has gotten stuck and be patient with the process.

Use 21. Highlighter
Apply some vaseline on cheeks and under your eyes to create a dewy look.

This cheap product is a must have for me. It has many benefits that will help you pamper yourself or get you out of a sticky situation. Vaseline can substitute for many beauty products and will help you save. Stock up and save on vaseline, it'll come in handy.

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so helpful!

I've heard that it promotes hair growth (often unwanted). Does anyone know if this really is true?

Yes.. It works great on your eyelashes!!!

Yes it does work on your eyelashes and really well!

Put it under car door handles

i never knew i could do so much with vaseline

I have 13 tattoos and they Do use vaseline for the tattoo process but for the healing of your tattoo bepanthan or pro tatt not vaseline

Vaseline is perfect for anything and everything. I use it on my face and I've never had acne problems at all. Just started tonight putting it on my eyelashes I will keep you ladies updated. It's the perfect remedy for anything, seriously!

Omg so helpful!

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