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Want to Make Your Legs Look Longer? Here's How ...

By Neecey

Do you want to create the illusion that your legs go right up to your armpits? Elongating your legs not only makes them more attractive but can also make you appear taller and slimmer. Here’s how to make your legs look longer:

1 High-Waisted Clothing

An instant way for how to make your legs longer is to wear high-waisted clothing. Whether you prefer skirts or trousers, the high waist on the garment will produce an optical illusion effect on anybody who looks at your body. It encourages them to believe that your legs start a lot higher up than they actually do and therefore elongating your body in exactly the way that you were hoping for.

2 Black is Your Friend

Black clothing, for some reason, has historically been known to do wonders for making your body and legs look more elongated than they actually are. With a pair of black skinny jeans, your legs will almost automatically begin to look slimmer and longer. Throw a high-waisted pair of black skinny jeans into the mix, then will be on to a winner for sure!

3 Shorter Skirts and Shorts

The simple fact is that the more leg you choose to show, the longer your legs will look overall. Wearing a skirt or shorts that have an unflattering hemline around the knee area will only serve to make you shins look like the entire length of your legs! If you feel confident enough, go for a hemline above the knee. It will open up more of your legs to the outside world and will make you look taller!

4 Pointed Shoes

It doesn’t matter whether you have a preference for flats or heels, one thing that you really need to do is to buy shoes with pointed toes. This pointed end helps to create an extension to your foot, which in turn creates an extension to your legs and help to make them look that little bit longer. Trust me, it really does work!

5 Shiny Legs

Have you noticed that celebrities in magazines and on red carpets always seem to have endlessly long legs? A big part of the secret is that they have moisturized and exfoliated to make their legs look as shiny as possible. Photographers will attest to the fact that shiny legs always look longer and slimmer, so treat yourself to a high quality bronzer or moisturizer and you will have legs like Angelina Jolie’s in no time!

6 Vertical Stripes

This is another fantastic optical illusion that you can try out, after all, if it works at the funfair, why wouldn’t it work in your everyday life!? Wearing pants with vertical stripes could be considered a bold fashion statement, but the lines work wonders for forcing our eyes to see things in a much more elongated fashion than they really are. Stay away from horizontal; make vertical your new best friend!

7 Nude Heels

When it comes to making your legs look longer, every single inch counts, so for this very reason it’s always a good idea to opt for a nude heel (with pointed toes of course) to take advantage of the color blending with your legs in order to carry on the length all the way down to your toes.

These tips are useful if you don’t have mile long legs. Which are you going to try?

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