10 Ways Insecure Girls Can Feel Comfortable with Their Body ...


10 Ways Insecure Girls Can Feel Comfortable with Their Body ...
10 Ways Insecure Girls Can Feel Comfortable with Their Body ...

Feeling super confident about our bodies is not something everyone is born with, but luckily it can be built over time through various different ways! What makes you feel confident about your body?

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Love Your Body

Love Your Body This may not be as easy as it sounds, but learning to love your body and everything you have naturally will allow you to feel happier (generally speaking) and let you truly own what you have. Give yourself time to feel good in your own skin! Many people have had self-esteem issues in the past so it may take longer to achieve, but it can most certainly be done over time and with plenty of self-love. No one on this planet has exactly the same body as you, you're completely unique and original, so what's not to love?


Love Your Curves

Love Your Curves Many women don't feel confident about their bodies because they have curves. But you should always remember that curves are amazing so if you have them, make sure you flaunt them! Everyone has a slightly different body shape and more or less curves than the next person, but the fact that we have a different amount of curviness (and in different places, too) is what separates us and make our bodies unique. We shouldn't be any less confident just because we might have a curvy body.


Create a Good Relationship with Your Scales

Create a Good Relationship with Your Scales If you're not very confident about your weight, something you could aim to achieve is to step on the scales every now and again without thinking obsessively about the number staring back at you. Having a good relationship with your scales means using them every now and again to check your weight and health, but also making sure to do this in a healthy and positive way.


Use Your Body Regularly

Use Your Body Regularly Another way to feel confident about your body is to simply use it in a way that makes you feel...well...confident. This could be anything such as running, yoga, pilates, aerobics, weight lifting, walking and even gymnastics. It includes any sport and so many hobbies that make us feel good and happy. For example, if you're particularly fond of netball, whenever you play you are using your body in a positive way which allows you to feel confident while doing so. Think about all our bodies can do for us, what it can allow us to achieve and then consider what you can do to fully utilise that privilege. The next time you do that particular hobby or sport, remind yourself of how lucky you are to have the ability to do it without problems or complications. A healthy and active body is a beautiful thing!


Fight Your Inner Perfectionist

Fight Your Inner Perfectionist We can be a perfectionist about many things in life but unfortunately your body is not one of them. There is no such thing as a 'perfect' body, despite what the media and other things may tell you or try to get you to think, it's nothing but an illusion that should really be shattered. Choose to focus on what your body can do rather than what it cannot!


Maintain Positive Thinking

Maintain Positive Thinking Every morning you get up and look in the mirror, think of something you love about your body. It could be anything big or small, just as long as it's there and you can see it! Repeat this process each and every morning so that you get into the habit of thinking really positively about your body which will lead to great levels of self-esteem and confidence!


Talk to Someone about It

Talk to Someone about It It's only natural that some days we're not going to feel as confident about our body than other days, so it might help to talk to someone close to you who you trust, and tell them how you're feeling. You'd be surprised at how easily others can relate to this sort of thinking, which comes from exchanging thoughts and opinions. Give each other compliments by telling them what you like about their body so that you can both feel more confident together!


Stop the Fat Talk

person, people, abdomen, A great way to remain body positive is to not say anything negative about yourself. Sounds simple right? Except it's a lot harder said than done! Fat shaming yourself will only cause your self esteem to drop and your motivation to better yourself dwindle. Sometimes we do it without noticing, like saying things to friends to boost them when they're feeling negative, acknowledge when you do this behavior and make a conscious effort to stop in the future.


Say Hello to Post It's

, In order to change how you talk and feel about yourself, you're going to have to make a habit to be better about it. Slap some post it notes on the mirror, the fridge, anywhere you frequently look. Put things on them that remind you to stay body positive and after about 3-4 weeks, you won't need the post it's to feel better because you just will naturally! It's creating a healthy habit for yourself which is awesome.


Hold Yourself to a Higher Standard

muscle, wrestler, abdomen, The things you say to yourself should be things you'd say to someone you love. This is a great way to make yourself aware of the way you're speaking to your body. Would you call your mother, best friend, or sister fat and disgusting? Then you shouldn't say it to yourself! Always hold yourself to a standard that's higher than the general public and you will soon learn to love yourself completely.

What do you do to remain body positive? Do you struggle with it from time to time?

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Ok but what about the girls that wish they had curves because they're naturally slim?

Great points but most likely illness makes people overweight and there are ways of reducing it.

If you are overweight lose it! It is not healthy and bad for your joints and feet.

Just be  yourself!!  You will be loved for that.Do not try to be anything else!


This website is kind of hypocritical. You tell women and young girls to love themselves and embrace their imperfections but 99% of your posts show these beautiful, perfect women with perfect hair, perfect make up and perfect bodies. Really?

Sometimes girls who aren't plus size (this is not a bad thing!) feel insecure. I wish that we could be noticed too. Everyone is beautiful but not everyone feels that way

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